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Easter Schedule Comments


Hey Guys, 1st post :slight_smile: Was just wondering how i could improve my Easter dieting and exercise schedule. I am at the moment 15% body fat, was 16.5 a week ago so it's going well but i'd like to know if im doing anything wrong.

There are some obvious blips in my diet lol, but i dont want to stop going out with my friends, im not that extreme, just want to get to about 12% body fat. ANY comments would be greatly appreciated! (sorry about the multiple pictures, i cant upload a doc or xls) Looks a bit confusing, but its basically, the first 6 days of diet and exercise and the top half of the weights exercises i do, followed by the second half of the weights exercises i do and the last few days.


And heres the second picture


Not only are the attachments missing but so is a whole bunch of important information.

How bad does your diet slip? 12% is pretty extreme to a casual guy like yourself. You need to be prepared to do what it takes to get there. If you don't make definite longterm changes, you will never be able to stay there.

Give us an idea of your diet. Give us an idea of your workout and schedule. Look around on this board or PM a mod to learn how to properly post pictures.

Help us help you.


This is annoying as hell, can you tell me how to post an attachment, i keep browsing and finding it, but cant upload! All the info you need is on there, my diets pretty good, but you'll see every couple of days i might eat a couple of onion rings, or have 3 pints of beer with my friends. I am dedicated and my diets usually excellent, i do a lot of cardio also.

As soon i can get those pictures uploaded, you'll have all the info you need, thanks for replying :slight_smile: BTW I'm 5'11, 166 pounds, and can bench 166 pounds 3*8, not a boast as i know its pitiful lol, just to let you know what amount of muscle im at.


Right, i give up, ill just type it:

I do split body weights sessions, i do Chest / back, bicep / tricep, shoulder, leg.

My weights exercises are as followed:

Biceps Weights

3*10 Bar Curl
3*10 Hammer Curl
3*10 Bicep Curl

Chest weights

Bench Press 3*10
Flys 3*10
Dumbell Press 3*10

Shoulder Weights:

Shoulder Press 3*10
Lateral Raises 3*10
Upright Row 3*10


3*10 Overhead extensions
3*10 Tricep Kickbacks
3*10 Tricep Dips

Back Weights:

Bent over row 3*10
Front raises 3*10
Good Mornings 3*10

Leg Weights:

Squats 3*10
Bulgarian Split Squats 3*10
One Leg Deadlifts 3*10

I do cardio as well. I usually eat cereal in the morning, wait 30 minutes, do my cardio, (varies between a 30 minute run or a bike ride for an hour, these are minimums usually, eg i biked 28 miles yesterday and ran 50 minutes today) I then wait an hour, eat a high protein low fat low carb meal, ie tuna, chicken, turkey etc and then do my weights session for the day, I then wait another hour and eat another low carb low fat high protein meal.

Sometimes my diet slips, as i might go out with my friends and have 3 pints, or i might be hungry and eat a rhubarb crumble and custard like tonight. I think i'm averaging about 1200-1500 calories a day.

I'm currently maintaining muscle mass, but my primary objective is to lose body fat and get a more toned look, im not too interested in getting massive. Any comments and advice would be GREATLY appreciated, cheers for reading.


doooooooood you're gonna get fuckin roasted.


roasted?? Is this good or bad lol, glad i put this in beginners lol. I have been doing weights and cardio for about a year, have gone from 196 pounds 23% bf to now, 166 pounds 15%.


This is going to hurt.


It's a bad thing. There are a few keywords, thoughts, phrases, that bring out the flamethrowers (people saying negative things) and you hit pretty much ALL of them in one post.

Example: wanting to get toned, or dieting when you don't have any muscle ie: 5'11" 166lbs.

Now on the other hand I didn't know this was in the beginner's section cause it was on the front page. Maybe they'll go easy on ya.


I do have quite a lot of muscle though, compared to average people.. im not a bodybuilder, but people do comment that im quite muscular... i know it doesnt sound like much, i may be less than 15 % body fat, if im benching over my body weight and people are commenting that im quite muscular... surely that counts for something. I know toned was a mistake word lol, ive seen it get flamed other places, what i mean, is low body fat, and decent muscle mass.


Your routine needs a little work. You have way too much arm and shoulder volume compared to the rest of your program. There's nothing wrong with using some sort of split, but yours is probably not optimum. You don't have any sort of periodization built into your program, and you're leaving out a number of high quality exercises. Pick a routine out of the training section, or here's a routine I'm having good success with that's a bit more balanced:

(4x8 Cycle)
Day 1 Vertical Push/Pull/Accessory
Rear Delt Row
Band Chinups
Barbell Decline Situps
Farmer's Walk

Day 2 Horizontal Push/Pull/Accessory
Close Grip Bench Press
(Drop Set) Seated Cable Rows w/stirrup handle
Barbell Good Mornings
(5x5) Crush Grip Plate Loaded

Day 3 Legs Push/Pull/Accessory
Trap Bar Deadlifts
Barbell Calf Raises
Sled Drag

Day 4 off

(5x5 Cycle)
Day 5 Vertical Push/Pull/Accessory
Standing Barbell Military Press
Trap Bar Shrugs
Barbell Reverse Curl
(Drop Set) Rotator Work

Day 6 Horizontal Push/Pull/Accessory
Thick Bar Bench Press
T-Bar Rows
Wrist Roller Strap (2 Sets of 5 each way)
(Drop Set) Side bends with a weight in each hand

Day 7 Legs Push/Pull/Accessory
Barbell Full Squats
Barbell Stiff Legged Deadlifts
Barbell Curls

Day 8 off
Day 9 off


Thanks a lot blue steel, i was close to giving up as noone seemed to have anything constructive to say even though i said i was a beginner! The problem is, i only have dumbells and a barbell at home at the mo, so i shall change my routine when i get back to uni and have a full bench. My arms and shoulders do look slightly out of proportion with my chest back abs and legs i guess. Thanks again