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Easter Holidays and Noooooobs...

I had to share todays happenings at the gym.

Yes, the noobs have arrived. Having had pretty much a couple of years without noobs arriving at the gym, due to the change in management a few months ago, today seems to be the day when they arrive en masse.

Let me explain. My gym is on the 1st floor and has 4 areas - one machine area, one cardio, one enclosed room for boxing, etc, and one with cables and free weights on the far side of the building. It’s fairly small, but I can drop weights, and ‘chalk’ is found by ripping up the plaster surrounding the pipes on the floor in the corner under one of the rubber mats (often it is left off to facilitate extraction).
They have 2 benches, one squat rack and one cage. They have 4 bars - one is bent completely out of shape, one is bent, but still useable, one has the knurling worn off, and one is good quality.

So, having spent my time in the far corner with my 2 regular bars, having ‘fun’ with DLs, squats etc, today all goes to hell.

The irritating noobs decide to bench while I am in front of the squat rack to row (note that the only floor space to deadlift or row is in front of the rack). There is not a lot of room between the rack and bench, but normally there is plenty of room. Not today. The noobs gather round to stare at the sticks lifting the bar, so much that I have to continually ask them to get out of the way so that I can bend over properly (sounds really dodgy, but you get the idea)

Anyway, today I decide to have a look at doing some supplementary exercises - notably some back extenstions (I would have done a GHR, but we have no machine and all forms of invention have failed to come up with a reasonable alternative).

So I begin to do 4 sets of 10, when this noob - a rather attractive and nubile young woman - watches a ‘trainer’ (I have never seen this man before, I have never seen ANY trainer at the gym) doing some flyes on the pec-deck. I think that this is shit as the pec dec is only a few feet in front of the back extension machine, such that I have to stare at him while I exercise.
tee hee
Then she sits down to 'pump’out a few sets - just at the point when I start my second set, so that I can admire her close up (she had a frilly bra on - in the gym???).
Then after trying not to smile too hard on sets 2 and 3, the trainer stands between me and the pec dec, just as I get ready for my last set. Just as I am about to begin, the sh*thead steps backward - almost into my face. Obviously I am too nice and merely tap him on the shoulder to indicate my presence, but I damn well should have done more (is this a sign of low T ??). Anyway, I am not too worried as I then get to look as some pert tit :o)

Why do trainers get noob women to use the pec dec - other than to oogle?

should have checked his oil

[quote]mclemorejohn wrote:
should have checked his oil[/quote]

Na, should’ve checked her oil. :slight_smile:

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