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Easter Fasting


Fuck easter and its mother!!!!! I wasn't able to eat normally since wednesday! And when I mean normally, I mean the 6-8 meals a day that I eat now.
Why you ask? Well because I was home since wednesday as I'm off from school and work. But so were my parents! And since mom is seriously religious, both of them kept watching over me so I don't eat "too much", as apparently I'm supposed to fast until "Jesus is resurrected"
So not only that I'm not able to eat normally, but on top of that I CAN"T EVEN FUCKING EAT MEAT!!!!!

What's the big deal, you might say? Well, I thought I'm going to put some serious hours in at the gym since I'm off, but needless to say, I wasn't able to do SHIT as I didn't have enough food in me.
They hid my fucking protein powder!!!!

Ugh, I could go more into detail, but the point is, that this madness stops in about 7 hours as I'm going to be able to indulge in sausage, ham, bread, butter, cheese and eggs for breakfast tomorrow.

Can you believe this shit?

Anyone else have an experience like this that they wanna share?


lol. Since Friday, I've been eating like shit... which sucks because I was going strong for 10-11 weeks. I'm definitly packing on the fat =). Family is always over or I'm over there, eating home cooking. Sunday not gonna do me well either. I'm hoping to get back on track Monday.


What do you mean by "eating like shit"?
Cuz for me that means one of the 2 things(or both): not eating enough, or eating junk food


Eating junk. My family gatherings entail lots of home cooking and lots of desserts. My cut will have to be delayed and pushed back a bit.


Hah, our mother only insisted avoiding meat. Thereby I got along the day with fish, pangasius, mackerel, and loads of eggs, cheese.

Fortunately my brother is in love with his six-pack and his cuts, so he convinced everyone not to bring cookies, desserts and other junk food to our place. Hell, he even succesfully persuaded mother not to bake anything for this easter.

:slight_smile: He says he only want to be nicely cut and athletic, as he is now. Not to mention, we both gain fat quite easily (I was chubby all in my life, but fortunately found this site...)

I don't care now with easter fasting. We'll visit relatives, and in our country the tables are packed with boiled eggs, meat and hams.. So I'm looking forward to some "free protein".. =)


damn bro, I bet all your muscles fell off.

you'll never make gainz unless you eat AT LEAST 8x per day. you might as well give up and take up golf.


I just ate. Only thing I need right now is a blowjob and I can die happy


Er... couldn't you just go out and eat? How old are you?


I was just going to ask the same thing. Why didn't you simply go out and buy something for yourself?

Apart from that: Within a certain scope, as long as you're living at home (which I assume from your post), it's your parents decision what they cook and therefore what they offer you. Hiding your protein powder and even more trying to force their religious views upon you in that way seems pretty weird, though.


I gave up Catholicism for Lent. It's a much nicer time of the year that way.


I'm in the same boat as you, except I gave it up as soon as I was confirmed. I've been eating plenty of meat all week, and I intend to continue that trend fairly shortly when I go visit the g-rents.

but yeah, should have bought yourself some food...


My parents tried it. Hid everything behind a locked door. After almost a day I got so mad I just kicked the door open and ate a month's supply of protein powder...


yeah...no you didn't.


You think I didnt think of buying me some food?
But I had a shitload of stuff to do at home (fixing, cleaning, cooking) during those days, so I didn't really get out of the house.

W/e it's over now, its 2:20pm and I ate for the 4th time. Feels good man =]


Poor bastard, I'm probably 5k cals deep right now.


Hmm yeah it wasn't that much... But that's not the point.


Become a muslim and invite your parents over for Ramadam, lock em in the cupboard and make them fast ALLLLL DAY!


shitty problem to have dude.

i ate a TON of food that I shouldn't have yesterday. And all of it was Glorious!