Easter Day candy total

I pigged out like choclate was being banned by the FDA…Ok here it goes:

1 pound bag of jelly beans
3 White Choclate Reeses Peanut Butter Cups (the big ones)
1 - 2 pound White Choclate Bunny Rabbit
2 Snickers eggs
Various amounts of small german chocolates - somewhere in the half pound range

Actual food…who knows.

How much did you guys eat?

Actual food…who knows.

I think you used up your cheat days for five years in just one day. That’s a lot of chocolate. I think I only took down a year or two worth of cheating with the 48 marshmallow chicks I ate.

Yeah Beaman thats alot of fuckin chocolate bro!! As for myself I can be a sucker for peanut butter eggs(home made kind) so I took a few of those down…

Despite my preferences, my wife gave me:

1-pound solid chocolate bunny
Handful of hard candy eggs
Small bag sugared pecans
Chocolate-covered grahams from Starbucks

Total candy consumption in the last 24-48 hours = 0

Candy eggs are already in a jar on a co-worker’s desk. Grahams will go the same route. Pecans–maybe I’ll have a few in the mornings pre-workout. The bunny will be chopped up when the godchildren come over this week.

Shirt-off weather’s too close to seriously consider actually EATING this stuff.

Those damn Chocolate Grahams from Starbucks are the devil incarnate…

Man those things are good…

I knew there would be trouble if I took the time to read this thread…


I didn’t eat any. I was gone for the weekend so all I ate was my typical I’m away from home and on a diet fare consisting of almonds and protein powder (Hey, it works!). I did have a pack of sugar free gum and sugar free mints though. More of you need to be like me :slight_smile:


These are the dark chocolate, which I agree are an invitation to sin. Send me your address and you can have them! Heh heh.


yeah guys i am a total candy glutton. anyways at midnight last night everything went the way of the garbage or to my little cousins. I did hang on to the rain blow gum egg looking things though. hehe. interesting though…I weighed myself easter morning at 236 woke up this morning at 246!!

I got an Easter Basket full of Almond Butter, Green Tea, Almonds, and protein bars…I totally lost control and pigged out! I hate myself.


You MUST have set some kind of world record for candy consumption!!! Hehehe…

All I had all yesterday was three chocolate covered marshmallow easter eggs and tons of black coffee. Absolutely no protein or nutritive value whatsoever. Didn’t even take vitamins.

On the bright side: lots of hard boiled egg whites to last a week!

Happy Day After Easter, everyone!!

God I must be the biggest slob on this board! At least I am good at something after all =) … even if it is rotting my teeth. haha.

Back for V-Day I received a box of chocolates. Even though I was asked to eat them by the person that sent them to me, they were placed unopened upon my professors desk. For some reason they dissapeared after I placed them there…I wonder where they went?

I had 5 mini Tootsie Rolls. I am so ashamed. :frowning:

I’ve actually surprised myself with my restraint from candy. However, those damnable cadburry cream eggs and peanut M&M’s are singing their siren song. Anyone got some earplugs?