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East Timor Massacre Remembered


U.S.-Armed Indonesian Troops Kill 270 Timorese 20 Years Ago

Bravo U.S. Is it any wonder why most of the world population hates this country?



Dunno, who supplies them with humanitarian aide and security when they otherwise try ethnic cleansing?


"Release the World Engine!"


What exactly do you mean?


Post-modern tripe such as this reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of the role America has played as the preeminent global power since the end of WWII. Ignorance of history alone doesn't explain the dumbfounding suspense of logic necessary to give this story any amount of credence. I suppose that you believe that without American weaponry they would have been both unwilling and unable to carry out such an atrocity?


The ones who are unable to move here hate this country. It's a coping mechanism to keep them from hating their own countries.


The realnewz again. I am shocked!!!


What difference does it make if they could have carried out these atrocities without American arms? Does that mean we say fuck it and do it anyway?


No it is the ones American military indiscriminately kills who hate this country. If China murdered U.S. citizens would they not deserve the backlash of American citizens?


Exactly what the hell does this have to do with health care, big pharma, banks or any of your usual bullshit?

Lets just settle this thread now- Europe is smarter and more socially aware than us stupid Americans.



The ones who are killed are dead so they don't hate anyone anymore.


But their families do...........


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I've been deployed and have been part of humanitarian missions back in 99-02 conducted in E. Timor via alliance with Aus. Heinous shit was going on in 99, ethnic cleansing, women mutilated and dead via broomstick, etc.. Who was it that helped these people when all was said and done? The U.S. and Australia. Doesn't make things right, as we did set things up to get uglier before we stepped in to fix things over there.


Interesting that the Australians went in and saved their asses, scared the pro-Indonesian militias off, provided medical aid and oversaw serious elections. Bastards!


Expanding horizons my friend.


One has to question why we backed their military with the sale of weaponry when we knew they were murdering the East Timorese.


What does this have to do with U.S. arms sales to the Indonesians?


So even though the U.S. isn't wanted by the population it gives them the moral authority to do what they want?


Sometimes it is a good idea to play to your strengths.