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What do you guys think about this protocol?

The maximum state-sanctioned dose recorded in the STASI files for a female sprinter was 1650 mg per year, an average of 9.8 mg/day during the administration period or, viewed another way, an average of 4.5 mg/day over the whole year. The maximum dose recorded for a male sprinter was 1850 mg/year, an average of 11 mg/day during the administration period, or an average of 5 mg/day over the whole year. While trivial by bodybuilding standards, it sure got the job done!


I've read some part of the often mentioned 1972 Russian study, "Anabolic steroids and sport capacity", from this page:


My understanding about the content is, it seems that the weightlifters takes about 30mg of dbol (nerobol) per day or about 50mg/day of deca durabolin (ritabolin) (I don't think that they took them at the same time) with good results.

There, it had also been demonstrated that 15mg/day of dbol produced satisfying results to biathletes and rowers. It increased their muscle mass, recovery, and VO2 max.


******** This is a light weight cycle compared to throwers and is an absolutely "tick-tack" dosage compared a modern day body builder.
Brandon Green