East County Training

Long time lurker and inconsistent trainer here. I play football and over the past two years I’ve accumulated myself a bunch of injuries including a “sports hernia,” torn calf (twice, since I think I’m indestructible) and most recently a knee surgery to remove cartilage. Oh, and currently pain in the collarbone to AC joint area of my shoulder for some reason. One of the reasons of my inconsistency in the past, other then injuries is family life. I have two busy kids and I couldn’t always make it to the gym. I solved that problem by buying myself a power rack and bench for my garage.

I know, most likely no one will be following this, or reply, but I put it up here to try and connect with like minded people. Or hell, maybe one of my teammates or opponents might see it, and hopefully it will inspire them to work harder during the off-season. I haven’t really been able to train legs since February until last week. What I thought was going to be a torn meniscus was actually just a chunk of cartilage which got stuck under my kneecap. When I would bend my knee further then 90 degrees, it felt like it was going to explode. I finished the season and with the aid of my “awesome” health insurance, I was able to get surgery on it 3 months later. That was a month ago.

My main goal was to improve my athleticism and build up some strength. Well, I may end up going to another academy in a couple months so unfortunately I have to work on my conditioning as well.

Jogging for 1:10 and walking for 1:50 for 30 minutes. These were my physical therapists orders to take it slow on my knee. He would really be unhappy if he saw what I did the next day.

HIIT of 50 yards for 12 minutes. 104 degrees and humid, this was a blast before heading off to work. I didn’t stop sweating for about 4 hours. I also screwed up and did it on an empty stomach because I forgot to take my BCAA’s before leaving the house.

Workout started off with Evergray’s At Loss for Words. (Random of 6k songs)
Soft tissue work with a foam roller and baseball.
Warmup used from 5-3-1 for football.

Bench Press
220x5, 235x5, 250x5
Military Press
70x5, 90x5, 110x5 <— Focused on speed and form. Similar to a DE day.

Chins in between sets of BP and MP
4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

Accessory work, I’m taking a new route. I used to jump in weight a lot and go as heavy as I possibly could. Now that I’m old, I’m going to aim for steady progress. I’ve started with low weights, if I complete my goal reps, I will increase the weight a little bit in the next session.

5 sets of 7, BW.

T-Bar Rows
5 sets of 145x10

Lying Try Ext.
5 sets of 70x10

5 minute circuit of as many Paloff Presses and Band Pull Aparts as I could complete.

Trained at 12AM. Didn’t want to run around the neighborhood and wake all the dogs and neighbors for conditioning, so I’ll often use a circuit for my cardio after weight training.

Well the great black out of 2011 hit us hard out here in East County. No power, temperature over 100, I figured what the hell, I don’t have anything else to do… I’ll go lift weights now and do some intervals while my kids have football practice.

No dice, I can’t open my garage door without power. Since I screwed the window in the garage shut (I didn’t want anyone jacking anything), I couldn’t get in. Power came on at 2AM, and since I work nights and I’m normally awake at this time now, I got out there to further prove to my neighbors I’m most likely insane.

Ipod random song started with, Runnin on E, by 2pac.

Foam Roller, Warm up, then some TaQ plyo’s for a few minutes.

230x5, 265x5, 300x4. First time I’ve built up and it doesn’t feel like my weak point is my left knee.

Deadlifts (speed, form)
160x5, 205x5, 245x5

5 sets, 155x10

Some one leg squats on 3 45lb plates. Squat down, just so the heel of my opposite foot touches, then rise. Did 30 reps, each legs, both to the side and front of the plates. This is part of my knee rehab.

Drove around at 0330 to find some grass with light on it for HIIT. I found some at an adult school, I’m shocked no one called the popo on me, thinking I was breaking in. With the shortness of breath and great amount of sweat, they would have thought I was exhibiting obvious signs of excited delirium and tazed me right away.

12 minutes of 40 yard HIIT.

Random ipod starting tune is…

Foam Rolling and some mobility work thrown into my warmup today.

Military Press
145x3, 155x3, 160x9. Shoulder actually didn’t hurt today.

Bench Press (Speed and Form)
175x5, 190x5, 205x5

Between MP and BP I did sets of pull ups. I have to be careful, if my grip gets wide my shoulder pops when I get to the top and it hurts.

Inc BB Bench Press
5 sets, 135x10

BB Bent Over Row
5 sets, 165x10


Conditioning Cycle 5minutes of
20 Sledgehammer/Tire Strikes and 12 tire flips. No rest between sets.

On to work 12 hours, with a 1 hour one way commute, and do the same tomorrow. Unfortunately I’ll only get 5 hours of sleep tomorrw because I have to wake up and watch the Redskins start their march to the Superbowl. I hope my DL workout doesn’t suffer too badly.

Damn after only 5 hours of sleep I woke up to watch the Skins game. As soon as I woke up, I got the news I had to go to the Emergency Room with a relative. I spent 5 hours there, didn’t get to watch the game or workout and headed back to work. After another 14 hours later, I head home. I didn’t want to give myself any excuses on missing a workout so I hit just my deads in my workout. Without a warmup, because I seriously wanted to get some sleep, I warmed up with lighter weights.


I was a little dissapointed. Last week I did 385x6 so I was hoping to hit 350x9 or 10.