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East Coast, Hurricane Florence


I was supposed to be headed to Augusta this weekend, but the trip is postponed.


Good eating too suprisingly. My 5yo insisted we eat the first fish he catches. So I obliged.

Not looking forward to more rain. Have family and friends up from eastern Carolina staying with us, maybe until their house gets rebuilt… who knows?


Well, it may strengthen as it hits that nice warm Gulf Stream. So it can easily hit as a Cat 3. And this is what a trillion (yes with a “T”) cubic meters of water looks like from space. I don’t think floating is much better than flattened. In other words, get the hell out of the way. Seriously. You have plenty of time to find religion, you don’t need to find it this weekend all at once…


This pic is as a Cat 2. Go west young man…


Oh yeah, I left my house dude, I’ve got cats and a girlfriend to keep safe. Were still in the path of travel, but we’re well above the water table now.


Good. The main thing is to be out of the coastal plain. Anything in the coastal plain can turn into a lake. I am 1000 ft above sea level. We can still flood, but I live at the top of a hill. It’s the people at the bottom who may step into a foot of mud come Monday. I already see the feeder bands and I am in GA.
To give an idea of how large this thing is, I see the feeder bands and the storm is still 100 miles off shore. It would take me about 5 hours to drive at 80 MPH down to next to where it’s hitting. I can smell the ocean, in the middle of GA.
This is Katrina sized, no doubt.


Regardless of the strength this thing is definitely massive. Everyone from my town is definitely of the mindset “it’s just another hurricane” which… I mean yeah… but we haven’t had a dangerous one since Floyd. Even then he was nothing by the time it hit us.

It’s crazy though, this bitch came from Africa with a target painted on Wilmington, and never once changed paths. Just beelined straight to us.


In central NC. Should be interesting.


Florence doesn’t look nearly as bad as I originally thought it would be, flash flooding looks to be fairly major, potentially catastrophic, same with storm surge however it isn’t a hurricane Harvey or anything. Biggest issues with this storm will probably be storm surge, flooding and potential tornadoes rather than wind damage


I’m bummed yet relieved. I was sort of ready for some shit to go down near Charlotte, but it looks like we’re just gonna get some really, really heavy rain and some semi strong winds. Nothing drastic or changing daily life much.

Sadly, the coast of NC and SC is getting slammed and I feel bad for the incurred property damage and any lives threatened.


it’s only a cat 1 hurricane now, I was in Sandy and Irene (NYC for irene and I’m not gonna say where I was for sandy but the eye passed over us).


Actually what’s surprising is apparently this Cat1 had the strongest gust recorded in over 50 years. So it’s not without danger.

However, New Bern is getting the raw end of this deal. Something like a 10 foot surge? That’s terrible there, they’re basically under water anyways.


Well. How’d everyone hold up?


Whelp. There went the neighborhood.


Folks staying with us in PGH only had 4.5 feet of flooding in the first floor of their 2 story in Havelock. I say only, but they’ll have to gut the first floor and who knows where they’ll live while the insurance and the contractors take many months to fix things. There will be a shortage of contractors that’s for sure, and hotel rooms.


That’s rough. We haven’t even seen our house yet, but it’s on the street of the houses in that picture, so not great odds there. Fortunately we were only renting, but it’s about a 1/2 mile from my job, and the garage was perfect for my home gym.

Everyone is going to have trouble in the interim.

I drastically underestimated this storm, glad we went with our gut instinct, grabbed our cats, documents, and guns and left. Ugh.


I glad you left too. It’s always the same problem with hurricanes you don’t know where they are quite going to hit or how bad they are going to be. But it’s better to be wrong about leaving than wrong about staying…