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Easing into cardio

Finishing up my mass cycle and wanting to get some fat off. I’ve done Fat Fast before with good results but this time I want to introduce some cardio (for the first time). Any suggestions for getting into cardio? I know I probably have pretty low endurance at this point. Thanks.

This is my specialty, what type of cardio arte you looking to do, Bike, Run, Crawl? I have some great suggestions. Just let me know

I would be interested in anything that you got, as long as it isn’t a stationary bike!

Well I have access to treadmills, stair climbers, stationary bikes, orbital machines, and the old computer screen rowing machines. Also could run on the track, or do kickboxing, step, or high-low classes.

OK, since you arent accustomed to cardio gradually ease into it, first week 2 sessions should be ample post-weight training 15 minutes, I suggest the treadmill or track. Week 2: do three times post-weight training 15 minutes. Week 3: do three times a week, but this time do one of your sessions 20 minutes. week 4: do 3 times, this time 2 of your sessions for 20 minutes. By week 5 all sessions should be 20 minutes, and you should be versitile enough to increase your capacity considerably

Robusto, Thanks man!! I’ll give it a try. Probably start out on the track 'cause I don’t want all the fat middle age women to see me gasping and wheezing on the treadmill. My girlfriend insists that cardio is going to break me from smoking. She smokes too but she does 4-5 one hour long step classes a week no problem.

I like jumproping for my cardio, I jump for 30 seconds then rest for thirty seconds, usually for about 30 minutes. Seems to do the trick pretty well.

Jump rope/gpp as suggested by Coach Davies, stick with it as it gets easier (sort of) and you’ll get real good growth in calves.