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Easily Strained Muscles

I’ve finally got my sh*t together, eating enough food to grow, and am trying to pack on some muscle. I’m only week 1 into my program, had some DB upright rows today and somehow pulled my mid back while doing them.

I’ve popped some pills and been on a heating pad all night, but was scheduled to hit up the gym tomorrow.

I’m on a roll here, have motivation and finally feel like I have a chance for my training to do something for me (have wasted about 6-7 years and also have wasted my best muscle gaining years…but oh well)…should I still sit it out for another week to let my back heal?

Even if it feels better in the morning, I don’t know if I should risk re-injuring it at this point.

I did a little searching on here before this post, and noticed that people mentioned hydration during workouts that somehow help prevent strains. I typically have a shake before and shake after, but rarely am drinking much water during workouts. If this actually does help, would just taking a huge water bottle help?

foam roll that shit.
yes hydrate.
how was your posture during these upright rows? lots of body english?

Very little movement. I did notice while trying to later recreate the movement to see how I strained it, I was slightly leaning backwards which really contracted my mid back. I mean, rows are a shoulder/back exercise, I must have just not been drinking much. I’m usually very focused on form, so I definitely wouldn’t be swinging back and forth to get the weight up.

Drink water while you workout…if your doing it right you need water…

if an exercise hurts it, don’t push it. find substitute if possible

do as much of your normal routine as possible. i definitely wouldn’t stop working out altogether for a week, if that’s what you meant, unless you really feel it is severe enough to require that, or all of your exercises aggravate it.

Rows work the traps, lats, rhomboids, and paraspinals. The latter two are very easily strained because of weakness in the tissue. Do more posture work before working out. Stretch the antagonist muscles before focusing on an inhibited muscle group (hams, glutes, back, shins).

So for rows, stretch your pecs before each set.