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I was recently thinking about starting a new diet with MD6 and EAS myoplex ready to go shakes when my friend told me that the EAS drinks aren’t any good b/c by the time it reaches your fav. store the protien is basically ruined I was wondering if you could give me a little more info or opinion on EAS.

A little more info on EAS? Some decent products (i.e. CLA, ALA), some shitty ones (i.e. Simply Complete Soy, HMB, Betagen). Oh yeah, Bill Phillips wears women’s underwear and takes advantage of little boys…

I’ve been using EAS products for about 2 years. Out of all the “brand name” companies, i think EAS is one of the more reliable. I noticed a decent increase in lean mass when I took myoplex in the morning for 8 weeks. Of course, I didn’t use it as a meal “replacement”. I still ate oatmeal and fresh fruit with it in the morning. I’d like to hear other peoples opinion on this too.

I like eas simply protein because you get 5 pounds of decent tasting reasonably high quality whey for about 25 bucks if you buy it online. Everything else cost more than its worth. Drew


I’ve heard the qualtiy of EAS protein has bit the dirt in the last few years since Bill left, but I doubt it’s “gone bad” before it gets to the stores. Stick with Met-RX or Biotest for the best proteins. Biotest’s stuff tends to taste the best, especially if you like chocolate.

They produce high quality products which can be bought online for reasonable prices. Check out the ingredients to see if it is what you are looking for, diet wise and supplementation wise. As far as the shakes, they are expensive and don’t carry that much protein, but your friend has misinformed you about their shelf life. There is no problem there. However, if I were going to use RTD’s then i would go with the Metrx brand that comes in a can, it has about 40 grams of high quality cassein and whey. A shaker cup and some MRP’s would be alot more reasonable financially.

I read somewhere on T-mag that the pre-made shakes aren’t as good because the protein has to be cooked or heated or something like that. Sorry, can’t remember what article that was in. It was a while back. As for EAS, they used to be top notch, but have lost a lot since they started aiming products at the middle aged housewife market. Their fat loss products really suck.

EAS has gone to hell since Billy Phillips took a chunk of cash from some Japanese corporation that, previous to EAS, manufactured petroleum products or battery acid or something to that effect. I think they’re combining both ventures now. Silly 'ol Myopukes. Lata.

"MBE: Proud sponsor of working out and then not throwing up but coming close to it since 1877."


He’s also not even proud of it.

I think anything you put in a can has to be pasteurized - I guess that’s what you mean tek.
As for “myoplex” or other brands - goldberg’s got it right.

I used to like EAS products and that magazine Bill Phillips used to have…I forget the name. That all went to hell in a handbasket when they promoted their candy ass contests and their supplements on every damn page in the magazine. As far a protein goes I prefer MuscleMilk by CytoSport…the chocolate is the best.

If you have been reading t-mag for any length of time…you know the difference between high (casein) and low quality proteins(soy). EAS has a decent product as far as protein goes but many of their products contain SOY! Good-bye t-levels. So read the labels closely. Be an informed consumer. Met-rx and Biotest both have some superior quality proteins.
That shelf-life talk is a load of $#^*.

that’s retarded. if you’re going to use their RTD, use the Myoplex Pro, 45 protein, 25 carbs. By the way, the quality of Met-Rx drinks probably isn’t much, if any, better than EAS drinks and Met-Rx tastes like ass. Too much casein and egg albumen.

Just taste one of these “Ready to go Shakes”, they are down right nasty tasting in my opionion. Get a “shaker” cup, and some Grow!, you will be much happpier in my opinion.

Dude, EAS products are crap. They used to dominate the supplemet industry but now their products are complete crap and way behind. Go with companiies like Optimum, Cytodyne, or even Gnc’s line of Pro Performance supplements. Don’t waste your time with that prehistoric line of supplements.

P.S. Let’s not forget are good friends at Biotest here who have oviously been doing their homework. EAS sucks!

Well the majority wins here…EAS does suck so lets all stand up…hold hands and scream out “EAS can suck my fat hog!!!” You can’t beat Biotest products. I use their supplements like MD6, Androsol, T2 and Mag-10. For protein I prefer MuscleMilk. Forget about EAS…old news.

Keith is right - EAS’s ready to drink shakes contain soy. I stopped in to a GNC to get a quick snack and decided on MetRx’s ready to drink shake after reading soy on EAS’s label.

I drink the EAS stuff once in a while…my roommates buy it. I think some of the weird mint chocolate-type flavors are a good for a change, and I bet the protein matches the label claims. As for my money…I drink OSMO Build Fast. It comes in a bottle (add H2O and shake) or a tub—48 grams of protein, 10g of glutamine, like a couple grams of sugar, and not many carbs. (No I don’t work for OSMO…cynical bastards)

The Myoplex Pro doesn’t have any soy protein but some of their other ones do. The Met-Rx drinks don’t even have whey protein but instead contain Wheat Gluten. I agree that EAS sucks but I’m sure their drinks are still adequate, at least the Myo Pro is. The bottom line is that currently there isn’t much to choose from when it comes to Ready-to-Drink meal replacements that taste good.