EAS Sold, Muscle Media Discontinued

I just got the latest issue of MM. It made no mention of anything, but it didn’t have any subscription ads either. According to Pavel over on dragondoor, March is the last issue. If that’s true then I guess what I’m holding is the last one. Guess we’ll see what happens.



EAS was owned by North Castle Partners. They also own Leiner Healthcare (the vitamins and products sold at Costco and BJ’s under the “Your Life” and other labels. NCP has offices in San Francisco and Greenwich. When I used to work in Greenwich I met them. David Lumley was brought into EAS from running a sporting goods company, he had no ownership or partnership level in NCP. He was let go for something similar to embezzlement, but from what I hear not direct embesslement. Hershey’s (the makers of yummy chocolate and stuff) see an opportunity to get into the healthy food bar market (a $3 billion market) as well as to grow the food sector of EAS. Remember, Kraft owns Balance Bar and Nestle owns PowerBar, so big business likes this market. Bill still has a small ownership in EAS (he did not sell 100% of EAS to NCP, so he makes money (and deservedly so) on this sale. It is business and Bill and family (along with people who helped build the early EAS, like Anthony Almada, Ed Byrd and others) deserve a lot of respect and success in their lives now or in the future. Don’t resent what you did not do, so don’t resent Shawn or Bill, if you know them, they are nice and kind hearted people. As far as Tony Robbins, he is only a small shareholder in IdeaSphere and they got TwinLab for less than $65 million! A sweet deal and I wish them success in regrowing Twinlab back to respectability.

The question is, who will be the next big sports nutrition company and take the place of EAS on a large scale?

As far as whomever noted EAS (and 61 other companies) being a target of an investigation, it is just political fallout from the ephedra stuff. You can view every company who will or has received a “cease and desist” letter as related to selling ephedra on the FDA website.

MM 2000 was Testosterone before Testosterone. Now, in recent years it has been pussified big time. For T-Mag readers and others who were well informed, the magazine did offer more qulity advice most folks. It’s more of a fitness mag, but I am sorry to see it go. It isn’t as crappy as Flex or ironman.


Thanks for all of the interesting information on EAS. I think some people do tend to resent others success, or as you put it “what you did not do.”

I am sure that if most saw the other side of those who are financially successful they may rein in the jealousy a bit. Those who I know, or read about who have made big bucks, have also sacrificed time, energy and in some cases their health (usually due to the high stress level), to achieve their financial success.

It’s a great country that gives each the opportunity to begin life with nothing and end up as a millionaire!

All I gotta say is THANK GOD! Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t against a man (or woman) making a buck. It’s just that the publication has sucked (for me at least) for the last several years. The only author they had that I liked reading was Pavel Tsatsouline. I sure hope T-Mag doesn’t go down the tubes, but I doubt that is likely with the crew that is here.

Fitone - I’ll respond as soon as my translator comes in Monday and tells me what the heck you’re attempting to say.

Now Chris, I highly respect you and you take a cheap shot at me? Jeez… I don’t give a damn either Chris.




If you weren’t taking a shot at Chris, and especially if you don’t give a damn, then your first post must have been made by someone else because it comes off as a dumb attack by some twelve year old who’s happy to have found some way to start an argument with a contributer.

I hate it when asshats waste the time of Chris, CT, CW and others with stupid shit.


Don’t bother responding to that mess.

“maybe this is why, EAS, is trying to sell the company? And if there in under a fedral investigation can you another company still buy you.”

What the hell does that mean?

“Is this another rumorville story. CS, Please get the facts straight before you post this story. Not that I am disagreeing w/ you source but, from everything that I read on T-mag. You, yourself hate spreading rumors on other mag. Don’t start with yours. This post will porbably never post.”

Yea, thats a personal attack. “This post will never post”? Yea, T-mag usually shys away from controversy…Especially since your post is so scary and threatens to bring Biotest to its knees…YOU MUST BE SILENCED!!!

You attacked him, and you spell like a 3rd grader.

I wasn’t trying to say anything negative about biotest or t-mag in any way. I was just merly stating that before you, put out a story on company that obviously everyone on here despise (which is your competitor) get it straight) before it gets out of hand. I don’t know who Chris’ sources are unless. I read it in the news or on paper that EAS was sold I wouldn’t say a damn thing. Thats all. I thought you guys know me better then that. Eventhough my spelling and grammer sucks ass.

I do have people that email me and talk to me privately on here.

In Health,

Silas C.

I’ve got an idea. Lets all chip in $42.75 and buy MM and resurrect(sp) it to its old glory. As far as Bill Phillips, you have to respect what he has done for us.


Use that $42.75 on Biotest supps or the Testosterone paper mag.

Better investment.

Any idea when we might see the press release on this one?

That investigation is stupid. Ephedra is still legal to sell right now.

Shawn had lipo? Really?!?

Take that $42.75 and buy fitone “rosetta stone, english edition.”

Volume 1 will do.


You know, in thinking about it, I and no-one really can discount that TC helped build EAS via his steering and cultivation of MM2K and of course in the product development category. I think that we here at T-Mag are better off for it - once TC and Bill parted ways, we benefited through this free e-zine, forum and products. In this day and age where the right people do not get their due, I salute TC, Tim Chris and all invovled here with T-Mag/Biotest. Let’s help them grow so we help others as well.

What’s the word I’m looking for?? Oxymoron… Is Phillip Morris buying T-mag???

Nice flame wompa.

Feel like a man now?