EAS Sold, Muscle Media Discontinued

Interesting news: EAS has reportedly been sold to the Hershey candy company. They couldn’t sell the publishing arm though, so that means after two more issues Muscle Media will be no more. This is what a few insiders are saying at least.


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Hmmm They were recovering so nicely from that horrible work they had for a couple years. Guess that makes Testosterone the only good magazine left. If they ever print some issues that is :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow intreasting. But, beign bought by “Hershey candy company” isn’t hershey a part of Coca cola co.?

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wow what a shame!

oh wait i forgot, i wouldnt piss on MM or eas supps.


Any word on how much the supplement company (EAS) sold for?

Gee,ditch your core supporters,turn into another M&F and go out of business.
Nice job Phillips!!

If anyone had benefitted from this, it’s Bill. With his Body For Life campaign, it was a smart move to ditch EAS while raking in the millions, and letting the supplement go down under.

I do see the irony of it all. EAS, standing for something that does good to our bodies being bought out by a candy company. I wonder if there’s going to be a high protein bubble yum brand.

Despite the fact that each issue is just glorified TP nowadays, I still think it’s a shame to see MM considering it’s legacy (hell, this site is a piece of the legacy). I still have the original issue with Gaspari on the cover. Maybe I can hock it on Ebay for enough to cover a protein bar or something.

Good, as far as I, and I’m sure most of us, am concerned, MM2K died a LONG time ago, probably when they took off the 2k. Fuck you Shawn ‘Liposuction’ Phillips and fuck you Bill ‘uber-capitalist’ Phillips.
Go crawl off somewhere. Remember when bp published photos of himself in his 'competition’days? Even when he was juicing he had the same puny 14" arms!
And don’t get me started on those photo spreads of himself…

THank the lord I discovered Brooks Kubik!

THose early issues were fun though, thanks to Poliquin and Duchaine (RIP)

Is Hershey putting Dr. Phil in charge?

(How come I get the feeling this is a hoax?)

ZEB - The number I heard was $350 million.

Mage - Just reporting what I heard from two different inside sources, both higher-ups in the magazine and supplement worlds.

Whether you like Bill Phillips, or not, if someone came along and asked you to take a walk for 350 million dollars, you would be walking! Do you think Phillips first obligation should be to his readers, or himself and his family?

My only other question is, was he the soul owner or did he have partners in the EAS venture? For fun, let’s assume he had three equal partners, that is still 87.5 million dollars! An incredible amount of money for one person to walk away with, even after he pays his capital gains taxes, assuming EAS was a corporation.

maybe this is why, EAS, is trying to sell the company? And if there in under a fedral investigation can you another company still buy you.


Is this another rumorville story. CS, Please get the facts straight before you post this story. Not that I am disagreeing w/ you source but, from everything that I read on T-mag. You, yourself hate spreading rumors on other mag. Don’t start with yours. This post will porbably never post.

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Silas C.

They must be going after their mass retail products that I see in my grocery store.

With this whole “carb revolution” garbage, it makes sense that they’d wanna get a piece of the action.

I wonder at this stage would EAS or Twin Lab have been a better deal?

I wonder if Robbins looked into EAS before he scooped Twinlab.

I’m pretty sure Hershey is not owned by Coca-Cola. From what I remember Hershey is owned by a big trust (or something like that).

I haven’t used anything by EAS in years so it doesn’t matter to me. As far as Bill “selling out”; whatever, the guy was/is a marketing genius and did what it took to get to the top. Everyone is always wanting to scratch and claw their way there or complain about how they “suck”. I understand he ran his business like Hitler ran Germany which clearly isn’t too good for a lot of people. I gather from articles he’s an introvert so its unlikely the general population would understand him or even care to; its probably better for everyone he’s going to cash in and live permanently in the mountains.

Good for him. Living the American Dream as it were. At least he won’t be telling people to “shut the fuck up or I’m going to break your fucking legs at the knees” anymore at company pep rallies. He’ll use a fax machine instead. :slight_smile:

You’re about 3 years too late! Why does everyone still think Bill Phillips has any legitimate ownership in EAS? Bill Phillips sold EAS in '99 or 2000 to a company called North Castle Ventures for a cool 280 million plus a seat on the EAS board of directors, complete with a jazzy new title- Director of Value Creation. At that time North Castle was owned by a slime ball named David Lumley, who had zero experience in the sports nutrtion industry but also happened to not see eye to eye with Bill in any way. The first thing EAS did under Lumley was put out an ephedra based fat burner (Betalean), a real slap in the face for Bill considering he was an anti-ephedra champion. Lumley also canned the entire Muscle Media production team in Colorado and moved the magazine to NYC, where it was slapped together every month by a generic magazine commitee. That was about the final straw for Bill, who apparently cleaned out his opulent office and left EAS for good. But apparently Bill has since had the last laugh, as David Lumley was fired recently over charges of embezzlement.