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The “Protein Insider” says the heat destroys the protein microfractions. However EAS uses the new Flash Heating wich only heats the protein for 10 seconds “Keeping microfractions in tact.” I think maybe keeping some intact but not all?! What do you guys think because they tatse good & I get them for almost $0!!!

If you look at the ingredients you will notice that the protein blend is comprised of soy isolate and whey isolate, whith soy listed first which I thinks means there is more. If you do a search for soy here you will find a bunch of info that suggests it is just plain bad for you. IMO the RTDs taste like flavored soy milk which probably means there is much higher percentage of soy protein than whey.

Did the protein insider forget to tell you that many protein products are already denatured before they get to the plant where the finshed product is manufactured? I doubt the EAS proteins are nano filtrated which would be the only way the protein fractions are intact before making their RTD’s

Actually the Low Carb RTD’s are Whey Isolate,Concentrate,& Milk Isolate. NO SOY. Also the newer regular Myoplex RTS’s contain no inferior soy.

anyone else have a clue?!

The newest ones are hogh quality proteins. The fact is they are high BV and you will use them Micro-Factions or not!
I say use em if you can ge t a good deal becaus ethe taste on the Mwo Carb Sense is amazing!