EAS quality control

I’ve been reading various posts to different newsgroups that suggest EAS products are having trouble meeting label claims ever since BP sold the company. Tim Patterson suggested in a recent post to this newsgroup that their 5 lb. whey product, Simply Whey, didn’t pass lab tests, and that the company is worried about people finding out, but he didn’t provide any specifics, and hasn’t mentioned it in T-mag. Does anyone know anything about these potential problems, or is this just an unsubstantiated internet rumor?

It’s true with Simply Whey but as far as I know everything else is fine.

Good timing! I was just about to order some Simply Whey. Now I guess it’ll wait. I use Designer’s 5lb but wanted a change of pace, taste wise. BTW, when did Tim post that? I searched the archives but didn’t find anything.

I heard that Designer Protein had the same quality problems.

Dammit! I just bought a 5 pound container of Simply Protein the other day. Does anyone have any idea how close to label claims they claim? or where I could find more information about this?

Does anyone know who bought EAS? I started buying from them again when I heard Bill sold the company and now youre tellin’ me the label claims are fucked up?

A investing group, north castle partners bought it. So no one person owns it, though Bill still has 30-40% ownership.

As far as the Simply, it has more cholesterol and suger then the label claims. EAS will not tell you this though.

After my workout last night, I bought a single sachet of Myoplex to mix up at home. I haven’t had one for a long time, but the packaging is sealed different (I had to tear it open with my teeth) and it seemed to blend up TOO easily. It made me wonder if there was actually ANY protein in it at all, it mixed so thin and felt as if I hadn’t had anything. Anyone else found this recently? I don’t think I will be using Myoplex again!

I just bought a 5 lb of simply protein and it mixes like water. no consistency to it. so basicly we may be getting less protein than we expect? I thought somehting was fishy when this container was on sale for 20.00.

MRPs like Grow! are great, but sometimes you want more protein or want some extra protein to complement a real food meal. Man, all this is disturbing. What protein do you guys think meet label claims? I still feel that Designer is up to snuff, but I have no lab assays to support this. Opinions?

Hey TC,
How about a article on label claims?? Do some lab tests on various MRPs/ Protiens and slam these fucks who are ripping us off!!

Hey, Scott W., I had a problem with the new packaging as well. I use quite a bit of Myoplex and it was pissing me off, until I noticed this factory made tear in the upper corner of the package. Opening them now is no problem now. I hope the rumors aren’t true about the quality of EAS products. Myoplex is the only pre-packaged MRP that doesn’t mess up my stomach. Hopefully TC and the gang will keep us advised as substantiating info comes out.

Jeff B, I can relate to the MRPs causing digestion problems. I do wonder, however, whether or not the reason Myoplex goes down easy is because, well, erm, there is not the stated amount of protein in it? I hope I am wrong, but I do not recall the product mixing anywhere near as easily as it does now! Regardless, I am not a fan of the product really and don’t intend to use it again; I believe the protein blend it contains is inferior to many others now on the market in which (whole) milk protein isolate is the dominant protein.

I used to be a big fan of EAS products. They seemed to have the only good stuff out there, but when the magazine started going downhill so did the supplements.

I haven’t used any EAS products in a while. I finished a few packets of Myoplex earlier this year. After that I started buying Grow! That stuff is great. And I trust Biotest! I hope they don’t let us down like EAS.

As for protein, why not just mix up your Grow with milk and forget about the “protein-only” supplements? Milk is all you need to up the protein. It works for me!

But I’m sure there are a few of you that don’t want any extra carbs. So that’s probably why you go all protein. Just cut out some of those other carbs for the day and stick with the Grow!

We all know it kicks ass!