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EAS Myoplex

What are your thoughts on Myoplex Carb sense meal replacements? They have around 25grams protein and just a few carbs. I usually drink one of these a day.

  • Larry

The nutrition info that I’ve seen on the Myoplex states, “maltodextrin” as an ingredient which is the highest glycemic carb you can ingest. Unless you are drinking these PWO, than they will likely make you gain fat. If, these “carb sense” lack the malto, I supposed they might be okay. But, have you tried oatmeal + Low-Carb Grow! for a quick snack/meal? Also try some quick oats (or, process the old fashioned ones) combined with Grow! and water in a shaker as an MRP.


I prefer the Deluxe nutrition. The carbs (28g) are low but adequate and the protein is about 56 grams. I mix in isopure for more protein. They have glutamine and CLA also. All around EAS makes a good MRP.

For post workout I like the Sport which has 76g carbs and 33g protein.

While I haven’t used EAS products for years, I would recommend trying Low-Carb Grow!. Most people find it better tasting, it’s less expensive, and it contains micellear protein which is discussed in the special report “Protein Magic” written by TC.

EAS carb sense is perhaps the most vile tasting mrp I’ve ever tried…I definitely wouldn’t recommend it.

Back before EAS soldout Myoplex was pretty decent I used to use it religiously, kept most of my muscle, lost some fat. Due to work I stopped working out as much, gainned some weight etc, before I found this site and just as I was gettting back into weighttrainning seriously again, I started using Myoplex, what a mistake that was the stuff tasted like crap, and it didn’t help like it had before. What I am trying to say is as a member of this site you are privy to some of the best supplements in the world, at a reasonable price. Try the Low-Carb Grow!, read Shug’s blog on how to spice up the taste if you get bored, do a search on all the recipes people have found and I garuntee you will never use another MRP