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EAS (Falling Hard)


Is it just me,or has this one-time great fallen hard. It seems like ever since Phillips left, they went from putting out pretty good shit(minus HMB)to now being just a glorified slim-fast.Also what about Bill Phillips, he went from hawking fat-burning supplements with EAS, to now saying ALL weight-loss pills are worthless in the last issue of Mucsle Media 2 years ago. His brother might disagree, he gets paid to promote Leansystem7.


Did they file for bankruptcy?


Their product might be shit, but Bill Phillips can point to his mansion and bank account to show that it's profitable.


read my post closer,I said it seems to have fallen to shit since he left.I'm sure they probably still make money because I see their shit @ wal-mart and all the grocery stores.



Man, Ive been wondering this same thing. Everytime I pass the "diet food" or whatever isle in WalMart I see it littered with EAS products.

They seem to have sold out to the low carb craze. I cant blame them, business is still business, but I thought they really touted "balanced" nutrition.

On the plus, some of their low carb bars taste pretty good. Not sure about the quality of the ingredients though.

I guess someone has to pick up the Atkins slack as it seems that the Atkins line is on the endagered list.



Stay off those low-carb bars. They're loaded with soy protein, and my old college roommate admitted his sex drive dropped through the floor when he was on Atkins and ate tons of those cheap low-carb bars.


I got some monohydrate creatine before it was all clearanced out from EAS. Maybe thats the only good thing I got......


The first creatine I ever bought was from EAS, back when it was good shit. That was also back when it was like $60 for like a couple hundred grams or something crazy like that. They actually built an EAS wholesale store near my house, but I never got to set foot in it because it was gone within a month or so.


Once Phillips left, the company had no direction. That is why it is in the state it's in today. Another one about to bite the dust.


If EAS is failing that's too bad I think. Not to sound like a complete idiot...but I like their packaging. No pit bulls and I don't believe they misspell words with extra Xs and Zs ( like Xtreme MaZZive Atax Stax or whatever)
I guess I like purple.


I remeber those early products. Phosphagain or something like that. It was in a big can and tasted horrible. But it was headed in the right direction. Some products failed, but at least they were ambitious. Besides, once you try Biotest, is there really any point in acknowledging EAS?


Abbott Laboratories (who own EAS) are still making good money from them.


Eh, it was prolly due to the lack of carbs in his diet not a few soy bars here and there.

Low carbs = Low T. Its been pretty much established and documented


If you haven't noticed, EAS hooked up with the NFL and Athletes Performance Institute. That two pretty huge contracts.


Remember when they hooked up with Romo during the Broncos Super Bowl run?

They got tons of publicity by handing out turtlenecks and shakes. I think Romo was the only paid endorser yet half of the Brocos were wearing their stuff.

The NFL was pissed because they were not getting paid either.