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eas efficacy

anybody have any noteworthy (pos or neg) with eas products, specifically their zma or ecdymax?
due to my place of work selling a lot of eas, i get a pretty deep discount on it, but if it’s bogus i don’t really want to bother. thanks.

I use Biotest products although I have not tried Grow yet. I love the Myoplex MRP packets,especially chocolate, and I also use Simply Gain. I think EAS is a pretty reliable company although I have not used any of the products that you listed.

The EAS ZMA is good stuff.

I tried ecdymax about 5 months ago my energy levels went up a bit and my libido was up as well. I think most of the effects I noticed were similar to how I feel when using Tribex. That said, the effects are more pronounced using tribex. Ecdymax also tastes awful and you have to hold that minty/cherry flavor goop in yopur mouth for a minute, gross.

the eas rep that came to our store said all kinds of wonderful things about the ecdymax, like it’s their best product ever, blah blah. customers haven’t given any feedback that i know of on it but they have said the zma works nicely. i’ve been a bit hestitant to take the rep too seriously though, as he told me the hmb was kickass. but i did get some free cytovol (definitely not worth the price) and beta blast (amazing).

I typically pick up the 5lb. buckets of Simply Whey Protein (80 servings) as they only cost between $26 and $32. I know that cheap is not always the best way to go but I’ve used it for quite a while now and made good gains.

1)Insuload-ideal for dieting/low-carbing
2)Precision Protien-a good whey isolate
3)Betalean-a cheap, good thermo
4)Ecdymax-not that great; a glimpse of what Tribex does