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EAS Closes Shop


So I just read elsewhere that EAS, the company most associated with the old Muscle Media 2000 that so many of us old school TN folks remember for one reason or another, has officially closed shop.

Well before Bill Phillips starting pushing Myoplex (essentially his version of Met Rx), or his “Body for Life” stuff I remember finding that magazine in the early 90’s and just being amazed at how different it was from the usual Weider/ad copy that filled other mags.

Can’t say I kept up with what happened in recent years with the magazine or the supplement line (I prefer quality stuff thank you very much -lol), but I do have found memories of readibg TC’s old stuff in the mag as well as Duchaine, Klein (he worked with Labrada and was one of the first guys I though actually knew something) and who knows who else…



EAS Phosphagen creatine was the first creatine I used, in 1996. I was amazed by the results!! Put 15% on my 4 rep max on most my exercises in no time. Great times!!

Until then I thought supplements were snake oil (they probably were up til then haha)


Philips sold EAS to Abbot labs several years ago. I used to use their protein powder, I forget what it was called. Had decent flavor (for the time) compared to a lot of competitors. I heard after they sold to Abbot the quality of protein source used went down.


It sounds silly to get nostalgic/sentimental about a meal replacement but yeah I used Myoplex a lot back in 2003 and that was the last time I was under 200lbs.

That may sound confusing …I wanted to be under 200. I’m about 220 now and want to get to 192.


Myoplex, that was it. I was using it in Guam 98-00, and was buying a case for $55. Came back stateside, and couldn’t find it under $70 a case. Don’t think the guy at the store believed I was getting it cheaper either, especially out there (where everything’s imported).


I used to get a box of 42 packets for $50 at this place in CT that allegedly sold products wholesale. That and the fact that wrestler Triple H bought his Milk Thistle there was their claim to fame -lol.



Any news article on this?


Man, between this and Toys-R-Us closing down, my childhood pretty much is done and gone. Ha.

I can still feel the squishy texture of those Myoplex Deluxe peanut butter bars. So good. Pour some Betagen out for the fallen homies.