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EAS Brand Products

Are EAS brand supplements good quality? I would specifically like to know if their whey protein is any good.

Thanks for any help

I have used the EAS 3 stage blend protein for 1-2 years now.

I like both the chocolate and vanilla, I get it at the local Costco

6 LB bags for $30 bucks, I cant beat that price and dont have to pay
shipping or have a wait for it.

My only reasons for getting it are that its local and I cannot beat
that price.

Im sure there are other better powders out there but if money is a
issue like it is for me, its hard to beat the price.

Yeah the reason I was asking was because the local sam’s club carries it. thanks

Same I get it from local Costco as well the price is unbeatable 30 bucks for 78 servings with 27grams in each serv Fucken bargain