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EAS bars... phrrrrrrt

Someone mentioned gas from protein powders in a earlier thread. I dont have a problem with that at all… except with EAS low carb Cookies & Cream bars. If I eat 2 of them at the same time, the reaction is simply rediculous for a good 6-8 hrs. I’m talking about an hour or two that’s practially one solid fart. Odd that I don’t have the same problem with their other flavors.

A good way to get rid of that gas is to take a Probiotic like lactobacillus acidopholus. Be Careful of what brand you by. Try to get one called HMF forte. The rest that you buy in most health food stores can be down right dangerous. Make sure that when you buy it that is has been stored in the fridge. Again, to stress the point, not any “probioitc” is a good choice. Some of the brands out there are not good at all. Try and find the one I mentioned. Good Luck!