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what the hell is going on?? There were like 4 earthquakes today not to mention the one in Italy and the several minor quakes in Pakistan!
Has anyone noticed this - it’s a lil bit odd

the worlds ending.

I second that.

Since I look at the positives, if the world is indeed ending, I’m having some beer. Make that ALOT of beer.

The world is ending

You haven’t mentioned anything about the floods in europe, overall higher sea-levels, the lack of an ozone layer, and the freakishly unpredictable seasonal weather. Hopefully, the world would last long enough for me to live in an all ‘artificial environment’ as seen by films such as 'Minority Report, 5th Element, and A.I. '.

Sorry, I’ve been in a bad mood lately.

I live in the midwest. Supposedly we sit right on a fault line that hasn’t moved all that much in the past several hundred years. Researchers say that with all the pressure built up someday we will have a really big one. We had one last year that measured around 5 or 6 on the richter scale. Pretty scary if you ask me.

I like Patricia idea, W

As far as signs of the times go: The best golfer in the world, (woods) is black and the best rapper in the world (eminem) is white, forget the earthquakes, this is THE signe of the apocolypse.

“… And there will be famines, pestiliences, and earthquakes in diverse places.” Matthew 24:7.

Gee guys and girls and all this time I thought it was just the talents of my new girl friend. Jokes aside whats the big deal? You all act surprised that there are weather changes, no Ozone layer, and all the rest. Thats all old hat that has been brought out repeatedly for years now by the media. The best part is that the protocalls designed to try and at least slow down the damage have now been rejected by the same Reps. you all seemed so happy to see controling the government. Sooooo whats my point? If you keep shitting in your own back yard then stop complaining if the place stinks. Besides think of how rich a few people are getting thanks to your, and the rest of the worlds, suffering? That alone must have gotten Gorgie a few million in election funds.

So…what can we do about it? Write a letter to our congressmen?

I agree with shane. and JP it amazes me that you know you live on a fault and continue to do so!. move man move. just like the folks who live in tornado alley?! it’s fricken called TORNADO ALLEY!!! yeah thats where i want to live, sounds a lil breezey though. you folks have heard of tectonic plates right? there’s always going to be earth quakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, and yes astroids. we all almost kissed are arses good bye back in 98 when the earth ending astroid went between us and the moon. but we all know the myans are the last to have the dooms day prediction of 12/21/2012. so far every other civilization has been wrong, using their own calenders. the myan calender is more acurate than what we use today. so who’s placeing their bets?haha

it is my understanding that the Mayans beleived that the world had to be sustained by human scrafice. So any of their other views are mute.

elliott- agreed, When Kukulcan abandoned the Maya, his people began barbaric human sacrifices, all in an effort to forestall the end of the world. so who is continuing to do the sacrifices? not me.haha

Well, well maybe you guys are onto something inportant here. Could all the hard work and sweet we put out in the gym actually be a form of ritual sacrifice? Could that be holding off the end of the world? And Steve do write your congressman they really do listen when people start talking about voting for the other party. Its called polls and those guys eat, sh-t and f–k by what the polls tell them.

One thing the Mayans had right was their approach to political leaders (kings, princes, preists). They beleived that the world needed blood scrafice to continue and demanded a blood scrafice from their leaders. Thus their leaders were forced to run thorns/barbs through parts of their bodies to produce blood. Favorities were the genetials because it was painful a a true scrafice. In their day as today such a systems would weed out people who were not dedicated.

I love it!!! Can you imagine our intreped Georgie B signing that one into law. It would be easier to get them to give up campaign contributions or really pay taxes. Thats about a likely as seeing him in a gym pumping real iron like a man.

Hey shane if Bill Clinton had be into S and M he might have made it law.