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How many people felt the tremors and aftershocks??

I heard it was centered around Virginia.

I had just sat down to work and the girl in front of me was thinking I was shaking her cube.


were you?

Bad Tigger....


It shook my office building pretty violently. I work on the 7th floor in downtown DC. First wave I thought was a big train next door... then the real thing hit... I'm still insanely jumpy. Think I'm headin home early.


Edit/ in Cali, we get nervous if the ground isn't shaking.


We felt it here, although I didn't personally. It was felt all the way out onto Brooklyn and Long Island.


Didn't feel a thing.

"That's what she said."


I'm in an old building in Harrisburg, PA (south central portion of the state) and we felt it pretty good. No one here (myself included) had any idea of what to do.


Damn scj, 7th floor.

Never a fun feeling.


Did the IRS implode?


felt it in boston.


Well, on the plus side I'm all jacked up for my max OHP attempt...

Transportation is a huge clusterfuck, no point in trying to go home yet.


Sorry guys, I dropped my weights.


Apparently it was felt in downtown Toronto, but didn't feel anything where I am .


I just thought that the road was wavy when I was driving. Then I got to where I was going and everybody was asking each other and me if they felt that, ect. and I thought I just walked into an inside joke.

Turns out the road wasn't wavy, it was waving!


We felt it in Annapolis....


Not THIS time, no.

They're allowing people to go home, which is pretty surprising.

I won't be one of those people.


How about congress?

They have no souls left, no one would miss them


Felt it here in northern Toronto (Woodbridge) - was sitting in my boss boss' office when the tremor hit - I was like "this guy has a great scenic view outside but man all these trucks going by sure make his office shake something fierce..."

Later on my coworker asked if I felt the earthquake. I was like "WTF?"


Felt it in Connecticut. Some buildings in New Haven were evacuated.


I work nights, so I was sleeping and it woke me up, I definitely felt it, I would of thought my dogs would would of freaked out but they were out cold right next to me....