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Ears Really Hurt After Lifting


so i just did Waterbury's ABBH1 front squat/hanging pike/calf raise 5x10 workout today, and afterwards, i found my ears to be in a great deal of pain. i was listening to music the whole time (i didn't think it was TOO loud, but maybe it was), and when i took them off, everytime i'd breathe in, tons of air would go through my ears and cause pain, then when i'd breathe out, i felt my ears opening up and air blowing out of them. i had surgery on my right ear as a baby, which caused a small hole in the estachion? tube?, so air always sort of blows in and out of that one moreso than the left ear. I'm just worried cuz it was hurting, and as much as I like listening to music when lifting, I don't want it to come at the expense of having hearing problems later on.

Does this happen to any of you?


many people listen to music with headphones way to high which can certainly damage the hearing long term,... actually I read somewhere that a lot of people that are rather young have hearing compared to old people,.... I've also heard that the little headphones that you put into your ear are worse since it makes pressure build up in the ear or something like that.


Try the same workout without hanging pikes. It might be them, I would guess the blood gathers around your head if you hang upside down like that? Maybe it's something else.


i do use earbuds, and this could definitely be it. maybe i should consider the ones that play more on the outside, or maybe i should just toughen up and not listen to music, ha.


it would take a lot to actually feel pain in your ears because of loud music so I don't think that's very likely (although my comment above is certainly valid in terms of protecting your hearing),...

I think this is blood pressure related, probably nothing to do with having high blood pressure but because of the high exertion and possibly lack of breathing (holding your breath is a no no, especially when doing heawy leg exercises) which builds up pressure in your head.