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Ears Plugging When Lifting?

I’m back to the gym after significant time off and something weird is happening. When I do a really hard work out my left ear plugs up part way through my work out, and eventually both ears plug. It’s as if the blood is rushing to my head and somehow plugging my ears. It affects my hearing. The effect is the same as when your ears plug on an airplane.

Swallowing, etc doesn’t seem to help. I’m not holding my breath at all during lifts. The effect gets worse as the work out progresses and is particularly bad after the work out. It goes away after about an hour. This happens on heavy leg days and when I’m doing major conditioning work outs (strongman stuff or boxing). Any ideas? Anyone else experienced this? I’ve asked my doctor and he just shrugged and said that maybe I should take it easier in the gym. I’ve been hoping that it’ll go away but it’s been a couple months now.

Don’t know if it’s the same thing but once and a while I get some pressure in my ears and I can “hear” my heart beating in my ears. This is mostly during aerobic exercise though.

I had the same thing the other day too, I decided to do some legpresses and I was pushing so hard I felt like the blood was rushing to my ears.

That happens to me too, usually on the way to Blackout Town though. I can’t seem to remember what order it happens in, HA! but if I push too hard on squats or whatever, I’ll get the hearing loss/plugged ears, tunnel vision, throat closing up, shortness of breath, then I wake up and everything is cool.

Happened to me today. Started to black out and as I sat down to prevent myself from falling on my face my hearing started to grow muted.

I don’t hold my breath so that has nothing to do with it. Just the exertion I guess.

this happens me often, holding my breath or not doesn’t seem to make a difference.