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Earn It. Be Worthy


Going to roll with 5/3/1 for awhile and see what happens to my sexy…ness

DL 5x250, 5x290, 8x330
deadhang chins 5x5
straight arm pulldown 3x10

That was it… been battling a low grade fever and cold for the past 4 days. Left a couple on the platform at 330. Good start to the cycle…but it zapped me pretty good.


Awwww man! Hope you get to feeling better!


thanks kid, nothing a little work and Buds can’t cure…


MP 5,95,5x115, 9x135, 1x145,155
cable side lateral 3x10
supersetted w/
dips 3x12
half kneeling landmine press 3x6sidex55
rope pushdowns 2x15

MP was ok, little shaky on the last rep @135…other than that decent Sunday morning session…



Sq 5x135,5x185,10x225
hack sq 6x185,2x6x225
rev bb lunge 6x85,95,105
trap bar shrug 6x205,2x6x225
oh bb shrug 3x10xbar

left hip really bothersome, going to chiro tomorrow to see if an alignment helps… sprints tomorrow are going to be very tricky…might have to rethink what day I do them on



Good Lord why would do this day


tmill 15min
deadhang chins 5x5
DBfarmers 150 pacesx50s, 4x100pacesx50s, 3x75pacesx50s
BBcurl 2x25xbar

Track & Turf

1/4 mile walk
sprints 10x50s
1/4 mile walk

incredible red sky sunrise…blessed to get to enjoy it



pretty beat up from squats and then sprints yesterday followed by chiro adjustment so I went into the gym just to get the blood flowing and bam a bootyfication party broke out

BB bridge 3x20x135…too light but still very effective…day 1

oh I did, foam, mobility, threw in a few chins and some pallof presses…


incline BP 5x155,5x175,7x195
pendlay row 5x135,5x145,5x155
DBbp 10x65,70,75
seated cable row 3x12x120
pec dec 3x10x105

single leg hip thrust 3x12sidex2sec hold



Bootyfication party. That’s a good one. How’s the trophy doing?


Biker-I have two kids in college I’m thinking of putting it on ebay to offset tuition!


DL 3x275,3x315,7x350(+1PR)
incline DB curl 3x10x25s
ex Preacher curl 3x10
Waiters Walk 3x100pacesx40lb db

Hip Thruster Delight 225x10, 275x6, 325x4, 145x20

Good Day - Peace


MP 3x105,3x120,8x140 a little extra 3x150, 1x160,165
deadhang chins 5,6,7,6,5
wide neutral grip chins 5,5
cable side laterals 3x10
dips 12,16, 8xbw+35, 6xbw+35
OH shrug 3x8


2 sets glute march max reps…forgot to post this originally…didn’t see the value in these but they are part of the challenge. so away we went


Nice work on the dead PR. 7x350 is strong and should have got the heart pumping.


The Bootyfication has begun!


Thanks Dave, Indeed I thought my eyes were going bleed!

CL- Bootyficaion is in full swing

tmill, foam, stretchy

Glute Bridge BB for reps…I lost count it got so boring…



Squatz 3x195, 3x215, 8x235
Hack squatz 3x6x235, 1x3x295 (high)
Rev BB lunge 3x6sidex115

Day 6 Hip Thruster bootyfication 3x8x225…pitiful but its done.



Congrats on the PR. I also like the new title.


Thanks crippler…

incline Tmill 15 min
mobility work
suitcase carries 3sidex100pacesx53lb KB

SIngle leg Glute bridge iso hold max time -2sidex 1:45min

track and Turf

1/4 mile walk
1/4 jog
sprints 5x70yrds, 3x30yrds
1/4 walk

Booty is getting licious



Incline BP 3x165,3x185, 6x205
Pendlay row 5x145,155, 2x5x165
DB BP 10x75, 8x75, 6x75
supersetted w/
Pec Dec 3x10x105

wide neutral seated cable row 12x80,90,100

Max rep Glute Bridge 23x135… I could have had 5 or 6 more but hip started cramping…sprints can sure beat the crap out of a fella…



Any specific goals you’re chasing at this point? Other than “sexification” (or whatever you call it)?