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Early Workouts

I have been rising from bed slamming some NOxplode and hitting the gym recently. After the gym I take some Cellmass(yeah I know BSN, I found a cheap dealer though) and then taking a protein shake after that. After that I eat a large breakfast. Is it okay not to eat before workouts? Does anybody do anything similar to this?

Or should I be eating a cereal bar or something before stepping into the gym? The NOXplode fights off the hunger pretty welli must say but there are only like 40 calories in it. I like to get up and hit it hard so food not only delays but can slow me down. This isn’t too horrible is it?

Yes, it is too horrible. Fresh from an 8-hour fast, you start lifting? Eat something. Something with more than forty calories.

I agree, lifting on an empty stomach can be very catabolic, at least eat a protein bar before you hit the gym.

I disagree, I don’t think it’s such a bad thing. It may even give you a beneficial environment for GH release. just be sure to eat something proper right after.

I do eat very well after, but i have decided I need some quick carbs and protein. So I wake up hit some NOexplode then eat a CLif bar and go. This seem adequate? Afterwards I go into my normal eating routine

Yes, it’s adequate. I’m sure that’s not limiting your gains. When other people say you should eat this and that, those are more of an optimal situation. I know I hated eating right before morning lifting and actually felt better not doing so.

I work out pretty early for the most part too. It is 7:15 right now and I’m about an hour and forty five minutes late as it is due to an old friend coming in town last night.

I would say breakfast is imperative. It’s very hard to find the energy for a good work out after not eating all night. I usually make a shake with vanilla protein, milk, blackberries and blue berries. It is easy to stomach early in the morning, has plenty of protein and calories in general and enough sugar to fuel you right out of bed. A few cups of coffee are pretty beneficial too.

I work out like a beast on an empty stomach. The other day was 22 hours. I don’t always do it, and my workouts are not improved when I eat. So do what you like.

I wake up, go to the gym, and start sipping half my Surge between sets beginning right before my first one. If you do it regularly, work out without eating anything in your stomach first, your body will get used to it. Catabolism has not been a problem for me.

[quote]T-man21 wrote:
This isn’t too horrible is it?[/quote]

No, it’s not. I usually do this. Usually the only free time I have during the week is early morning before work. No way I have the time to eat, wait for it to digest and workout. So I immediately workout, take a quick shower, then eat breakfast. As long as I ate a good meal the night before, this never posed a problem for me. Much better than going into a workout full. If you need to, drin an easily digestible whey product beforehand. I dont do that, but if I were to consume something that would be it.