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Early Signs of Staph or Cellulitis...


Just thought it might be a good idea to post some helpful information regarding cellulitis and staph infections, then I realized I didn't have any. Some of us are practicing combat competitors, and this stuff can ruin you day. Does anyone have any good information on this? I mean prevention, early detection, proper care and treatment, ect... More than a quick google provide.


Nothing very good to report, just a this: a former client of mine was a surgeon & we trained in a filthy boxing gym. We were training Krav so sometimes we'd be throwing each other against walls or end up on the floor.

He told me once to protect myself after training by using some Purell when I got in the car & go home & take hot shower with lots of sudsy soap as soon as I got there.

I also never let anyone put their hands in my gloves, which is probably pointless because I have awesome focus mitts & let my friends use them all the time.


I can't help but feel like some people are just susceptible to this stuff, while others aren't.

I seem to do everything wrong and have never gotten anything, but seems like the same guys (who now actively try and prevent it) get it over and over.

Still very interested if anyone has advice.


I must be, because i've caught it already like 3 times, even while training at good and clean places.


mop the fucking matt

I see this all the time -
go to new place to roll- or roll at a friends spot and its filthy, no place to wipe your feet
people walking in street shoes where my head is going to get dragged and smushed is kinda gross.

that is kind of the first thing.

bleach or some other strong disinfectant and HOT water

clean all your gear all the time-
wipe it down with some strong ass shit
be it lysol or alcohol or even watered down vodka
your pads, gloves, head gear, stuff them with newspaper to help them dry-

when you throw your stuff into a bag and then it sits in your trunk of your car for a few hours
is a breeding ground for junk

use a strong good antibacterial soap there are some good ones out there
for ringworm tinactin makes one.

examine your self carefully at home in the shower
look for cuts abrasions etc
sounds simple but I always found bruises small cuts abrasions etc

I like to use A&d ointment to help keep stuff out of cuts but too much it becomes a dust magnet

I still have strange skin stuff ,years later on my forehead,
knees and forearms- nothing bad not herpes or anything infectious
just some scar tissue that wont go away and small reoccuring rashes


That's gross. Why are people in street shoes?


Staph is attracted to metal. So gyms provide lots of opportunities for infection.

I thought I had staph once. A finger that swelled up badly almost overnight and was red and painful to the touch. Had to have it surgically drained and cultured. Was treated for staph (massive antibiotics) but culture showed it was a strep infection.

Wash, wash, wash.


its a good fucking question...

but I have seen it.
people walking on matts- to get to other parts of the gym
or the gym not having a place for shoes- or people to wipe and clean their feet


If you train Krav you will see people walk in and train in the shoes they been wearing all day, kicking dog shit and stuff. Never got Staph from the center but I have gotten it working on a car at my old job and I got it after my last MMA fight.


True at my Krav school, too, & it drives the BJJ guys crazy. We have this floor cleaning apparatus-thingy that looks like a wide janitorial dry mop but squirts out some anti-bacterial liquid. It's used every day, but not after every single class.


I'm more curious about cleaning techniques, my knee pads smell like something from the depths of hell itself after i wrestle and leave them at my bag and end up forgeting inside my car.


Can they be thrown in the washing machine? If so, add plain vinegar to the washing water. I use 1-2 cups, which is a lot, but it totally wipes out the smell.

When you get new pads store them with cedar chip bags. Keep the cedar chip bag in your gym bag & the second you take the pads off stick them with the cedar. You were going to throw them in your gym bag anyway, right? Do this every single time, from the first time you use the pads.


Well, i've used already, but i'll try vinegar the devil out of it then cedar chipping it into oblivion after training.