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Early Signs Of Gyno

Hey Guys,

So I am a 26 Year old who is currently on his second anabolic cycle ever. I have only ran testosterone cycles only. I am currently on week 10 of my 12 week Test E- 250 cycle Running 500Mg of test per week splitting it up to two shots a week.

I feel some tenderness around my right nipple area which I am presumably thinking is a sign of gyno coming.

I am currently taking a half tab of arimidex every other day, which I am starting to believe either it was not enough or the brand I am using may be fake

I am reaching out to the Community on any possible suggestions or Ways to stop Gyno in its track before its to late


Get on Nolvadex. At 500/week, you probably need at least 20 mg/day. It takes a little while to see results. If, after a couple of weeks,and you don’t notice anything, bump up your dose to 40/day.

Have you done a mini blood test to see where your E2 and prolactin is? These tests are not very expensive and you don’t need a doc to get them. That is the only way to know for sure if your hormones are at a level that can give you gyno over time. Gyno takes months and months of over range hormones before it starts.
Note: Many guys starting TRT complain/post on these types of forums of nipple tenderness, and even small lumps. But they seem to go away once the body kind of normalizes. Only a blood test will tell you what is really happening. Many crash their E2 by guessing and getting it wrong.
This is what heading for gyno looks like. This was a T mono protocol. Any doc that says only take T should lose his licence.



Studhammer gave you the right answer. And since you’re in the last two weeks of your cycle and you’ll be starting pct soon anyway, you’re already going to be using the Nolva pretty soon anyway.

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