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Early Riser or Creature of the Night


Ive always been a late night kind of person. The longest Ive ever been able to go to sleep consecutively at a decent hour was for around three months. Usually i'm up till 1 or 2 but recently due to a mix of late nights working and oversleep now im up till about 8am and I go to sleep till about 2pm when I head to work.

So to separate this from the fifty other similar threads. I want to ask how does staying up late affect you? I find im tired much more often, have a harder time waking up and feel pretty crappy throughout the day yet still have a hard time readjusting to a more normal sleep schedule. I also blame it on the internet.

My night usually plays out like this. 1am: hmm I should go to bed.. 3am: oh shit its 3am..two more threads (or articles etc depending on what im doing) 4:30am: oh screw it. So I just keep staying up later and later. I'm considering not sleeping today even though I have work and trying to flip my sleeping habits.


You're young this changes the older you get, I was the same way in my 20's. I also worked nights for 14 years so that didnt help. Now I get up every morning at 4:30 to lift, weekends I sleep late to 8.




Up before the Sun. Every day.

In bed before 10, and tired.

The curse of the Construction worker.


Yeah, its starting.

Eventually you'll be covered with tats and also open your eyes to the possiblity of following another path.

See you at the show, little brother.


I have a job that I wake up at 530 for however it sucks because I have insomnia as well. I usually get around 3-3.5 hours a night. It is alright for the first couple days of the week but then it just starts to wear me down. Great news bears though, it is getting better! I was able to get 5 hours last night.


Creature of the night here, but I haz a job of the day. Usually, start a lift around 10pm, finish up at 11:30pm. By the time PWO eating is done, the nerves calm down, and the full adult swim lineup is over it ends up being around 2am'ish. Makes 7am come real early.


0500 every morning except Sunday and Saturday.


I force myself to wake up at 9-10am every day... go for a walk to wake myself up... come home and pass out in a chair until 12pm, like clockwork.

at 9-10pm im buzzing with energy annoying the shit out of everyone, I go to bed at 12am, lie in my bed thinking about everything and dont fall asleep until about 2am.

I'd definitely say I'm a creature of the night.


They didn't make the saying about the early bird for nothing... If you have find the time to get up early to workout, or read the paper in the morning while sipping coffee, or what have you, you'll have a leg up on the majority of your competition in nearly every way IMO, but to tell the truth, I'm more of a night owl.


How about right in between?

In a perfect world - in bed by 1-2, awake by 9-10.


This was me all last summer, it sucked really really bad for my am classes all of spring semester of 2009 and fall semester as well. I averaged maybe 2-4 hours of sleep on the days i had 8 am classes. Then when i had afternoon classes i would average 9-10. I started taking naps for the first time ever this last fall on the early days.

Now i have to adjust from going to sleep around 2am, to getting up for work at 4:30am. But then it will only last 3 weeks then it will change to allow me to get sleep again.