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Early Morning Workouts

So lately i’ve been thinking of changing my workout time to early in the mornings instead of my current time which is around 3 or 4pm.

Reasoning is that if i do early morning workouts it will:

-get me up early, because i enjoy working out and if i work out first thing i will actually look forward to getting up to do it. this contrasts with currently: i wake up and decide its too cold to get out of bed and sleep another few hours (no heating in my house, irish winter aint fun)

-mean that the rest of the day is free for other plans (aside from keeping an eye on nutrition)

Ideally I would be working out about an hour after i wake up, but the problem is that i always wake up really hungry and really groggy. My question therefore is that i need a food or suppliment which would:

A) get nutrition into my muscles quickly to help my recovery from the previous day’s workout and
B) give me enough energy that it gets rid of the grogginess and is able to fuel me for an intense workout

I’m thinking a mixture of whey protein and some form of fast realease carb?

Anyone who does early morning workouts i would appreciate your views on this!


sounds like that would work pretty well, plus a cup of coffee for me :stuck_out_tongue:

a word to the wise though, the intervertebral disks have pressure released when you lie down, and they fill with fluid over night, which lengths the spine somewhat, his is why some people might be taller in the morning. so just be aware that this puts the integrity of your spine in a precarious situation if you plan on working out immediately upon waking.

hm i wish i’d searched for this before making a topic. from what i’ve read quite a lot of people are early morning gym goers.

Seems the most popular option is a shake of some sort.

I’m going to try something new and throw coffee granules into my blender with the rest in the hope they might help wake me up.

So far my shake looks like:

-chocolate whey
-1 banana

I think I may need a sixth ingredient just to make it fill me a little more, ideally another fast release carb. was thinking oatmeal but not sure if it would get into my system quick enough. any suggestions?

Add some dextrose if you like, but I think your shake looks fine.

Early morning training is the best. I like to wake up atleast 30 minutes before hitting the weights… in that time drink your coffee and shake, walk around a bit to warm up, and play some music to get amped.


it only takes an hour or so, just take precautions to protect your back is all, proper form and such

no one else has a suggestion for a fast release carb i could have in my smoothie?

Handful of raisins