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Early Morning Workouts


Job changes are both sweet yet painful...especially when they force you to redo your whole schedule, however it is always worth it. I am used to working out in the afternoon, however, now with my new schedule that seems near impossible. Does anyone have a suggestion concerning what to load up on in the morning so that waking up at 6:00AM and going to the gym at 6:30AM and getting a good 45 min - 1 hour workout is possible. I am afraid of waking up and being so zombie-like that the workouts won't be as good as they would be at 5PM. Thanks in advance. I was considering Coach Thibs's protocol but that is a bit pricy. I do plan on switching to Surge products..... thanks!


I have to work out early in the morning during the summers. I started using the Surge Workout Fuel, and the Rhodiola rosea, along with a good breakfast at the butt-crack of dawn. As long as I get a good 8-9 hours of sleep and have 45 min to an hour of being awake before a heavy squat session or something like that, it isn't bad. Best of luck, and maybe smarter people will throw in their opinions soon.


Honestly, you don't need expensive shit, all you do is eat some good old fashioned sugary ceareal with a bunch of skim milk and a coffee. A little protein, some complex carbs to fuel the workout and a sugar boost, some caffein... it's like the best parts of the energy sups. It worked for me.


If I'm doing a morning workout and I don't have 90 minutes to let food digest, I always go with a serving of whey protein blended with some oats, banana, and a tbs. of peanut-butter. A well-balanced meal that won't make you feel bloated.

EDIT: Oh, and some black coffee is always a good thing.


Warm showers. Help wakes you up, warms up your muscles, and gets the fluid out of your spine.


Never heard of this, any evidence?


hand full of almonds, 4 hard boiled eggs, a protein shake and some coffee....and if possible the wings from a virginal woodland fairy...

how about you just eat what you'd normally eat pre-workout?


When I used to workout at about 6am (3mo ago), I would wake up, take a caffeine pill immediately and then take a leak/shit. I would then prep my post workout shake, make a bowl of oatmeal and protein, and drink lots of water. Giving myself a little time between the caffeine pill and the food helped me process it faster.

Dont really worry about it too much tho. Just get some quality pre-workout food and go. The caffeine pill helped when I was really draggin ass, plus I am not a big fan of coffee.


I have found that once your body adapts to the early morning sessions that you can have tremendous workouts in the am. I've been doing it for years since I go to work very early and get home late.

I would stick with your usual peri workout nutrition and then eat a large meal 60-90 minutes later. (I have mine as soon as I get to the office).

Z12 or a natural sleep enhancer will do wonders to get your body adjusted to going to sleep early.


My work schedule doesn't allow me to work out any other time than very early in the morning. For the last year and a half, my day has started at 4:30 a.m. I'm moving weight by 5 a.m. My pre-workout meal is black coffee, as I don't do well with food that close to working out.

My experience is that after a couple of weeks, your body adapts, and you can have the same killer workouts you previously had later in the day. As a matter of fact, I just had a great workout this morning - by 6:15 a.m., I had finished multiple sets of front squats, leg presses, stiff-leg deads, lunges and a couple of quick sets for calves. It CAN be done, if you want it bad enough...


I agree, AM workouts can be productive, they take some getting used to. i wake up at 4am, 1 cup of coffee about 4:15 then a protein shake at 4:30, hit the gym at 4:50 till 6am. i take a vit C and 2 fish oils with the protein shake. works fine, i like the peace. i also cannot lift on a full stomach-it is puke inducing if i do.


to quoute the great Mike Ditka, "Coffee is the lifeblood that fuels the dreams of champions."


I workout at 6am every morning, and find that I have plenty of energy. I take 2 HOT-ROX Extreme and have a protein shake during the workout.


I read something on the "I cant prove it thread" about using healthy fats pre-worked and have been using a product called power PB which has egg whites in the peanut butter with flax seeds. Even without caffeine I feel a good energy flow through out my workout. Plus I've been getting leaner while my numbers keep going up.


I've heard of this as well, but I believe the op meant the spine as the discs are dehydrated during sleep. I also heard that doing a dead hang from a bar helps because it increases the neural pathways, but who knows maybe everything out there is shit and all you need is some really strong kool-aid.


wouldn't fats slow absorption? Don't you want to get some nutrients into your system quick after sleep? Unless you are doing fasted workouts, but I normally only do that for cardio

But HEY, something that works real-time is more valuable than a theory.