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Early Morning Workouts and Eating


I have gotten into a routine of waking up early and getting to the gym first thing. I usually have one nutrigrain bar, chewy bar, etc., and then my pre-workout drink. Is what I'm doing alright, or should I eat a bigger breakfast and wait to get into the gym? What are the benefits and negatives to doing it either way?



1 scoop of whey protein or 5-10 grams of BCAA's would be fine to break a fast and prevent muscle break down.

Most pre-workouts have aminos or a few grams of protein. If you want to have a bar or toast or cereal beyond that its a personal preference.


Finibar when waking up. Plazma before/during.

I just prefer the above to protein powder/BCAA combo.

As for breakfast before, that is up to you. I know I prefer a two hour meal, before I work out, or I burp like there is no tomorrow.


I wake up at 4am and am in the gym by 4:45. Been doing this for over a year now. I eat a Finibar, a banana and 1 tbsp. of peanut butter right when I get up and it has worked great. In a perfect world I would probably just have Plazma but my funds are tight right now.