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Early Morning Workout

Hi, am just beginning to use the gym on a steady basis. I work out at 5:30am before I go to work. Any way I can get some useable fuel in my body before my session? Thanks.

Drink an MRP with fast acting protein, or something like Surge.

There’a a thread currently in the Supps & Nutrition forum on this very topic, here a link:


But I will basically echo what everyone else says. When I have to train early, for me at the gym at 5:00 am, usually once or twice a week, I go liquid. My stomach is pretty sensitive first thing, so solids don’t sit well that early. I go with a scoop of chocolate or vanilla grow mixed with cold back coffee. But in addition to whatever you eat, hydrate really well too, it’ll make a big difference.

Sabrina, you beat me to it! I was just gonna post that.

[quote]CU AeroStallion wrote:
Sabrina, you beat me to it! I was just gonna post that.[/quote]

SicTorn had a thread on this topic too, not too long ago and I think there were some other suggestions there as well, but my home computer is too ponderous to go back and find it. You could post that one… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I have a weak stomach,but Ive learned to make this work…
445,hit the alarm(thundering bose on 80,all the way out in my living room)
while still naked,walk over to kitchen counter,where I have already prepared the night before,1 caffien pill,1 cee pill,1 multi vitamin, 8 oz. glass of water (already poured the night before)
then go back to my room,and get dressed in something warm,cause its always cold in my house.Then I go and mix up 12 oz skim milk,2 or 3 fruit wedges(canned peach or pear)35 grams of protien powder,1 small organic bannana.blend well.while its blending I make 2 slices of white toast,little margerine.since my mouth is dry in the morning,I kind of take bites of toast,and take swigs of my shake at the same time,so its easier to swallow.
anyway,I take about,20 min. to finish all this off,ussualy while I get on the computer for a few minutes,talk to wife,wake up,etc.About 535 I head over to the gym,545 Im goin at it,ready to start a riot.
Im ussualy done and at my house again by 7 or 715,and thats when I eat 5 eggs,2 packs of instant oatmeal.
repeat,4 days a week,except on wed. cardio…then I have just protien and water before hand.My 2 cents.

Wow, thanks for the replys. Have plenty to choose from. Cheers, Mini.

I used to make all of the next day’s food at night, just before bed. Later, I started to get up earlier and pack my cooler in the morning, before working out.

I found that the extra 20-30 minutes of awake and walking around time gave me extra energy to workout. I could eat or drink a little something, loosen up, etc.

You just have to actually GO TO BED 30 minutes earlier, too.

As far as actual food goes, I eat a banana and some cottage cheese or about 20g P worth of protein shake as soon as I get up. Coffee, too. Then pre, during, and post workout drinks, as usual.

Chocolate protein powder and hot coffee shaken together is pretty good, too. Sorta “mocha-ish.”

[quote]Mini Mee wrote:
Hi, am just beginning to use the gym on a steady basis. I work out at 5:30am before I go to work. Any way I can get some useable fuel in my body before my session? Thanks.[/quote]

Have your evening meal later in the evening and then have a snack or small meal as early as possible.

The evening meal, eaten later at night, will provide you with enough to get by, especially when you incorporate a healthy snack before your early morning workout.

I used to get to the gym when they opened at 5am, not another soul in the gym it was great. I’d drinks something similar to Surge, I forget what it was now, something from optimum nutrition I think (this was before I found Biotest products) on my drive to the gym. A little light cardio to get the blood flowing and some stretches, then my workout then the sauna for about 20-30 minutes, a cold shower and off to work. Felt great all day.

My schedule is totally flipped around now so ‘early morning’ for me is more like 3 in the afternoon.

When I turned vegetarian I had to come up with creative ways for bulky meals to go along with heavy training. I also never used to be a ‘brekkie’ person. Now breakfast is a very important meal for the day. One excellent way of adding punch to it [as a vegger anyway] is with a decent sized portion of flavoured tofu included in the meal. So as a snack before your workout, try sauteeing some tofu up, with a bit of teriyaki[organic] sauce to add some zing.Very fast in preparation and won’t make you feel ‘heavy stomached’ during your training.

Well, you definitely need something. The last thing you wanna do it go catabolic during your morning workout.

I dont work out in the morning but if I did i would make sure i got something in my system. Like sabrina, I have a very sensitive stomach so I would just do a whey shake and maybe some complex carbohydrates or a gatorade during my workout. Good luck to you!