Early Morning Workout Nutrition

I've been doing some searching around the site trying to find some info and I've found some posts close...but have decided to just ask specifically...

This morning I did my first early morning workout…

Up at 4am
Breakfast at 4:15 - 1/2 cu of oatmeal with Vanilla Metabolic Drive and Honey (and of course water!)

At gym 5am…start with 10mins of warm-up on elliptical (to get all the joints moving)

And then do my workout…Maximal effort day on the bench, followed by some dips and then some lying Tri extensions. During the workout I drank about 8oz of Surge.

got home and added some creatine to the second 1/2 and finished it off.

Got ready for work.

While in the shower and getting ready for work I felt pretty crappy. Light-headed, a little shaky, and just generally “not good”

I’ve done morning workouts before (during my Triathlon training days) and always felt great all morning.

This was my first morning workout that I was using Surge.

Was it just a sugar spike, then crash? Should I maybe opt for a different peri-workout drink for the morning workouts? Different breakfast?

Thoughts and/or links would be great! Thanks!

(also…not sure if it matters, but I’m a skinny guy trying to GAIN weight/muscle…slowly trying to get my body used to eating more…which I’m working on, but at this point I just can’t eat a huge breakfast. The fact that I’m eating breakfast at all has been a huge change (and step in the right direction!)

You simply need to have your first post-workout meal before you begin to crash.

You might also want to try having a full serving of Surge after your workout.

Try a full serving of Surge instead of the oatmeal and Metabolic Drive preworkout, keep the Surge during and post, and have the oatmeal and Metabolic Drive about a hour after the workout.

There really isn’t need for any malto/dex post-workout.