Early Morning Workout Advice

i wake up every morning at 430 as soon as i wake up, i pop 5 no2’s, i wait until 455 am to eat and when i eat i eatlike a half of a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread, then wait 20 minutes and take my creatine,about 10 minutes before i work out, work out for an hour,cardio included for 12 minutes, leave the gym and take a protein shake mixed with glutamine,about 745am i eat another half of a turkey sandwich and an apple with 20 oz. of water and a mega man vitamin, work until lunch physical labor, eat a banana, whole turkey sandwich, another megaman vitamin, and sometimes a milkshake, 30 minutes later take 2 more creatine pills. during the day drinking almost 2 gallons of water, i currently weigh 215lbs. from 245lbs, i am trying to build muscle… can anyone give me some better nutrition tips on what and how to eat… kinda getting tired of turkey sandwiches…

How bout a tuna sandwich?

ok…laughing, so how about supplements can anyone reccomend goos ones to build muscle, legal of course, or am i on pretty good stuff already

John Bearadi answered the morning workout question in an old Appetite for Construction article:

It’s tempting to tell you check out all of Bearadi’s articles from the search engine, but Chris Shugart made your life a whole lot easier by penning the “The Essential Bearadi” several years ago (just for questions like yours). Here’s the link

Good Luck


For sups check out the home page of this very site. Want to know what they do specifically? Check the threads with the sups name in the title posted by T-Nation and run with it.

Check out the beginners section for advice on just starting out. There is a pinned article at the top with a general where to start type feel.

Ditch the turkey for awhile and try tuna or eggs or natural peanut butter.

You should probably get your diet in order because all the supplements in the world won’t do a lick of good if you aren’t eating right. That’s what I heard anyway…