Early Morning Wake-Ups

I have this issue that started shortly before TRT but TRT like exaggerated it.

I tend to wake up very early like 5-6 AM, feeling hot and energized and many times cannot fully fall asleep after that. I suspect it is some issue regarding cortisol.

My TRT regiment is 20mg sustanon daily and 100 UI HCG.

As supplements I take organic multivitamins, 1000mg Vitamin C Now Foods, 10 000 UI Vitamin D daily, 4 000mg fish oil including krill and cod liver, 80mg zinc picolinate/citrate, 400mg magnesium citrate, I also take night time 450mg Ashwagandha Now Foods.

I took 2 days 900mg ashwagandha, and the sleep was much better. Last night I skipped the ashwagandha, added 0.5mg melatonin and again woke up around 6.

Any suggestions how to tackle this?

For the last 6 yeast I’ve had various issues with sleep that were caused by what maybe caused my low t(extreme stress and damage to one of the nervous systems, but this is a theory)

I am interested in the responses, as I have a similar issue. I started TRT about a week ago and every night I wake up about 4 to 5 times now. Before starting I would usually wake up only once a night, due to needing to go pee. To clarify, when I wake up now I don’t have to go pee and usually fall right back to sleep, but it is annoying. Hopefully my body will adjust.

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I posted this thread in reddit as well. Disregarding the regular e2 bulshit there, I got one very interesting opinion:

"Have you been on Sustanon the entire time of your trt ?

I was on test enathate and then switch to Sustanon and I’m also having trouble sleeping. From my Research the heat and redness is from the short esters in the sustan.

I’ll be switching back soon to cyp or Test E next"

I think it is possible to be from b12 as well. 2 weeks before trt I bumped m dose from 1000 to 3000 mcg methylcobalamine.

Possible to be that?

How many grams of carbs do you eat a day?

A lot. I cannot do without a lot of carbs and this is the way it has always been. But I do not eat sugar and such shit

That’s good. Many people get this problem if they eat too few carbs. Including myself. But if you already eat a lot that wouldn’t obviously be the problem. Personally I start waking up at night if I get under 250 g carbs / day.

What time do you go to bed? Maybe you just need less sleep after starting TRT? I’ve been TRT for 5 months and I used to sleep 9 hours at night and still be tired next day. After starting TRT I sleep around 6 hours, so I go to bed at 11 and wake up at 5 AM every day and feel great all day no problem. Depending on when you go to bed waking up at 5 AM might be just fine for you?

No I dont need less because Im groggy next day I go to sleep around 12.

The last days sleep improved a lot after stopping magnesium, not perfect yet

If your schedule allows you could go to bed earlier so you have gotten more hours when you wake up at 5 am and feel refreshed.

I cannot unfortunately because this means to have no social life.