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Early Morning Swim Question

hey there,

I have a pool at work and its occurred to me that over the winter i should be indoors swimming instead of unpleasant work outside.

if i wake at 7, go to work and am in pool by 7.30 and done by 8.

then afterwards im ravenous and want to eat loads…but breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day right? as long as its clean food and i taper off my calories as the day progresses -

is this a good idea?

and what effect will the 1 hour wait from wake to eat have, and what effect will no food before the exercise in the morning have if im trying to cut fat but hold muscle?
im on a low carb diet except post exercise and carb reload every 10 days.
id be swimming pretty hard in the pool, roughly 440 meters in 9 mins.

good luck answering all that ;]

cheers !

I have done lots of early morn swims, here is what I would suggest. Wake up and have a Whey Protein shake, and some BCAA’s if you use them, get some fuel to your muscles. Start with 20grams or so, depending on your weight. Do not worry about the calories, you will burn them swimming and may even gain a bit more muscle. Then when you get out of the pool eat a solid clean breakfast and you will feel great.

When you start to go longer or harder in the pool try and stay hydrated as well, it sounds stupid but it is easy to get dehydrated swimming and you don’t want to start the day behind on hydration. It is another reason in my book to have a nice protein shake in the morning, 12-16oz of water.

Good Luck