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Early Morning Lifting Nausea

I just started lifting 5:30AM due to my newborn baby girl. I tried popping up at 5 and drinking water/coffee, lifting, and eating big after I get back. I’m finding I am pretty beat about halfway through the workout (5/3/1), and get some nausea which makes it kind of hard to eat once I get home. It usually subsides mid morning, then I can start hammering food down.

My last check up about a month ago was good, so I’m thinking it is blood sugar related, since I’m not eating before the gym. Can this be alleviated by something simple as Surge + whey, or whey + banana or do I really need to wake up maybe 4am just to eat a large meal? I’m worried thats not enough time to digest and might still get nausea with food in my stomach…

Would you laugh if I made a thalidomide joke?

Youre asking if you can drink a protein/carb shake before your workout?


Is there a reason you didnt simply try it and see what would happen? nm

In retrospect, it does look like a dumb question, and I should have experimented more. I guess what I was looking for is would not eating anything be a valid reason for the nausea. Anyone else every experience this?

Lifting on an empty stomach, while also being sleep deprived (guessing based on the newborn) can for sure make you nauseous. I would take a shake or minimum some BCAA’s.

when i first starting lifting in the morning over a year ago i tried having a big “normal” protein shake 30-45min before lifting.

i felt like shit.

i had to cut to water and bcaa’s for a while and slowly add things. it took a while but i got used to training w/o eating before.

just make sure you eat plenty the night before.

I lift at 6. At 5, I’m eating 6 whole eggs, a lot of veggies, 200 cals of fish, and a protein shake. Feels great.