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Early Morning Cardio

Hey everyone,

I’ve heard people say that doing cardio first thing in the morning can force your body to burn muscle tissue.Some people do it and say that as long as it’s low intensity you won’t burn muscle.What do you guys think about this? Thanks for the help.

I say dont do High intensity. You are asking for LBM to be lost.

I enjoy a walk prebreakfast at all tims bulking cutting etc. Down a cup of Joe, throw on the xvest and go for a nice walk. keeps unwanted fat a bay.

If your are very worried aboput it and allready fairly thin and on a cutting phase a half scoop of Grow! etc. could be enough to Halt that catabolism and not hamper the fat burning.

You might do a search there has been a lot about this. Lonnie Lowery in particular has writen a LOT on this and some very recent. Also look at the “Cardio Roundtables”

Hope that helps,