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Eagle78 950 Training Log


Thanks for making me smile!


Short week , going to do some full body workouts. Maybe get some ideas for summer training.
Paired squats and BP., set of squats, set of bench.
Squat Bench
55x10. 45x10
105x5. 45x10
145x5. 95x5
195x5. 135x5
245x5. 185x5
295x5. 205x5
330x5. 225x5
365x5 . 250x5
Lat pull down 5x10, EZ curls, 10,8,6,8,10, standing Abs 5x20
Sometimes something different makes all the difference.
Squats,bench,lat pull down,curls, are a lot of fun. … let’s see how I feel tomorrow.


Hope I can get up to what you’re doing. How long did it take you to get to those weights?


48 years.
Body weight makes a difference. I’m 240 now, at 220 my weights are lower, except deadlifts. That seems to be the same regardless. I lifted a lot for strength in my 20s and early 30s.
I’d like to get back to around 215. My wife is a good cook and I like to eat.

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Thank you.
I’m a fan of your style of training. I think it’s pretty athletic to be able to mix the Olympic lifts with the powerlifts.
Having goals is awesome. It’s great motivation for training. Finding the balance of when to push intensity and when to build volume, and when to just lift and recover is the challenge.
A training philosophy or method you might find interesting is Doug Hepburn. T- Nation , has some good articles on him. Brooks Kubik ( I’m a big fan of his writing for the natural lifter) also has some really good work on him. That may be of some interest to you.
It’s a slow method, but if you hang with it, some good results are possible. Particularly in building weights for multiple sets of the same weights.
Good luck, training is a personal adventure of ups and downs, but I guess we are all her because it’s fun. Taking care of your health through some exercise is a great personal investment. 98% of people 35+ probably aren’t doing enough or anything at all.

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Deadlift and Press day - BTN
Alternating sets
135x5. 45x10
225x4. 75x6
295x1. 95x6
355x3. 115x6
405x3. 135x6
455x3x1. 155x6
CSR rows 5x10, incline BP 5x8, SLDL 5x6
This isn’t go to work long term. Short week, off to a meeting. Only light DBs and light machines work in the hotel gym
Working on a plan for the next 5-6 months or so.
Probably back down the weights for the next 3 cycles, and hit the supplemental lifts a little more, or as some call it the 2nd exercise that builds the main lift.


455 x 3 x 1. Good work.

Maybe the next time I’m 60…

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How many calories do you consume daily?


2400-2800 calories a day.
I use the app “my fitness pal” to track. My goal is about 2400. I don’t recall the last time I was under 2400. It’s unusual for me to be over 2800 unless it’s a social event with desert or cocktails.
Breakfast 400-600
Lunch 500-800
Dinner 1000-1500.
I train late afternoon and usually have some caffeine before I train (truth is I have caffeine all,day just not after I train).
My parents were growing up during the depression. Having food on the table was a big deal for them. I was taught to not waste food. Unless I’m bringing leftover dinner for lunch the next day, I have a hard time throwing something out. That’s just me.I don’t fully buy into all the dietary health fads. I think cholesterol levels and LDL/HDL has been tainted by the pharmaceutical industry.
I don’t much junk, my wife is a excellent chef and likes to cook.
Why do you ask??


I use the free version of the app. I would recommend it.


Thanks. I’m surprised that I would have answered my question almost exactly as you did. I want to lose about 15 lbs and get to 240 - 245, my former weight for about 30 years.

I’ve also been using the “my fitness pal” app for about 2 weeks. Keto worked ok for me; I wasn’t hungry and lost some gut inches. I’m presently cutting about 500 calories from my former diet and it does affect my workout volume and weight choices, but much less than Keto did. We’ll see.

I’ve been thinking if I can’t lift the higher poundages of yesteryear, I should settle for looking much better than average.


I’m ok with with the lower numbers as the weight comes off. My BP and Press will take a dive.
It’s just gets harder every year to maintain a leaner weight.
I’ve not tried any specific diet, just less calories.


ZCommercial Gym Training.
I’ve used the hotel gym 3 of the last 4 days. It’s a surprisingly big gym with lots of machines and bars and weights.
I’m totally lost of what to do. I have only a general plan when I walk in , that gets modified by what’s available to use in the time I have. The machines are all different. Some are cables , some are a cord that attaches to a weight stack, some you put plates on then move levers.
I try to do some pushing exercises, then some pulling, then some leg machines.
It’s fun but I am not very productive. I’m trying to be on board with the proper etiquette.

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Add free weights to that mix and that’s my gym.

If anyone asks, you’re around 40.


Might as well. Doubt I’ll pass, the mustache is pretty grey these days.


Squat Day
Face pulls 100
Circuit Zercher squat 5x10,push-ups 5x10, pullover 5x12
Abs 100
Lowered all,my TMs to about 80% from my last heaviest sets, except DL going to see how 90% feels. I don’t like DL for reps, just singles.
Going to try and hit the 2nd exercise harder, usually the first one in the circuit. Hopefully that will build my main lift , while I reduce the weights.
Feels good to be back home. Las Vegas was a blast. Great food,great shows, nice weather. My wife and I had a blast. As a plus my meeting was also really well run, got to see some old friends.


Bench press Day
Pull-ups 50
Incline BP 5x8, straight LPD 5x10, curls 5x8,
Circuit- Leg Press 2x50, suitcase DL 2x10 , tricep 2x20
Snow is melting

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2 mile walk
30 minutes stretch/yoga
I haven’t been posting my non lifting days. I need to be more accountable to my overall goals ( wellness plan)
I was doing more strenuous cardio ( elliptical, treadmill inclines) until about 6 weeks ago when my right knee became a little painful. I need to stand most of the day at work and this was definitely an issue.
I’ve cut back to some gentle walking and tried to add some yoga, which I have never done before. I’m now slowly progressing from just stretching to being to do a little bit. I feel more mobility . Time will tell how this goes.

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On leg day you’re doing 40 squats while working up to 325, and your pain is from treadmill/elliptical work. Surprising. Keep us informed about your yoga experience(s).