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Eagle78 950 Training Log


My mother in law lives in West Virginia . Have a safe trip


Going to Lewisburg.
Eating lunch in Roanoke now, Shrimp and grits


I recommend shrimp and grits only within 75 mile radius of New Orleans.




Nobody told me !
It was actually pretty good.
I’m a huge fan of New Orleans food. I get my coffee from Cafe Du Monde. Amazon ships in containers of 6. Cans show up in perfect condition every time. After 2 big mugs in the morning I’m ready to face the world.


Daughter and son inlaw–entrenched uptown New Orleanians–recommend “French Truck Coffee”. Perhaps google it. Mediocre sous chef began this company by selling this stuff uptown from a French truck. I understand top restaurants in the city presently serve it.

Our speed is Community Coffee Keurig cups from Costco.


Interesting story. 7 locations. 6in La. ,1 in Tennessee.
They do ship, I’ll talk to the mrs. Messing with my morning brew does sound a little risky.
The food truck scene has its own following. Good stories.
Keep training strong.


Squat Day
Difficulty with depth until 275, not sure why. I guess the bar with a little weight helped.
Zercher 5x10, push-ups 50,face pulls 100
Standing Abs 3x20
Going to switch Zercher from 5x10 to Wendler SST, no particular reason, time for a change.


Bench press Day
Pull up 50
DBBP 5x10,Lat pull down 5x10, curls5x8, pull through 5x10
Leg press single leg3x20, tricep 50


nice volume… that amount of volume on those would put me in the Hospital at this point.


It took a couple of years to get back to it.
It’s not as much as it sounds.
I never do more than 5 reps to a set.
Warm up , couple sets of 2s3s. 5s between sets of bench. Couple more sets setting up the circuit.
I don’t add any weight, variety of grips, usually 30+ are with a neutral grip, a little easier to do and on my shoulders.
Stay warm , if you got hit with the storm, and enjoy the concert!!
Always liked Gene Simmons and KISS.


Yeah currently working the chins back in figured it will take me several months to even start getting the feel back for them.


Bulldog, clee78’s likely has a “get out of hospital free” card.

Clee78, your circuit after benching, regardless of weights, remains impressive. Sure you’re 60?


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Unfortunately sometimes that’s literally true !
The circuits are fun , not too taxing and a little bit of everything.