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Eagle78 950 Training Log


I’m helping a younger guy outfit his home gym and yours is surprisingly similar. I don’t think it’s over the top.

Commercial gyms have a “safety in numbers” factor which I like. Last March I watched at least 3 doctors in gym at 5:15 am restart a 60+ guy’s heart. Paramedics arrived about half hour later. Not a worry for me, but never know.

Your workouts are good inspiration for the strong, smart. younger guys on here. Keep posting.


hold it your a Doc?


MD, graduated 33 years ago.
No surprises, there are actually a small minority of friends from med school, training and out in practice who like to lift and train and competed in sports.
Great stress reliever and a good way to stay healthy.
I just enjoyed squatting, bench and dead’s too much to stop. I lift and train for the same reasons most everyone does.


I was just surprised. My oldest is planning on attending PA school in a year and a half.


Sounds pretty lucky. Good day to buy a lottery ticket.


Great career choice.
Tremendous opportunities for work.
Just study hard, try to stay focused on the big picture, don’t listen to negativity. Believe in yourself . Study, study lift, eat study study.
Not complicated.


Well now I’m going to brag on him now😎 on principal. He was awarded top 20 academically in football in the State his senior year. Was valedictorian and has made the presidents list 5 semesters running and was voted top freshman male student by the faculty of his college.so no worries lol. Hes looking at sports medicine.he got my rugged good looks but it’s obvious the intelligent is not from me!


Press day
Log bar
Chins 5x5 between sets
BTN 5x10,cable row 5x10 EZ curl bar 5x6 as a circuit
3 sets triceps, standing Abs.
Just kept moving, nothing too heavy.
Good weekend to all.


Extremely impressive. Probably inherited some good genes :+1:
The discipline of sports and school will be a huge plus.
Only thing I would say is keep an open mind to what particular field calls to him. Sports med is great, but so are lots of things. Cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, Orthopaedic surgery, trauma, ER etc… For some surgery offers the intensity of a “big game”. Where it’s on the line. Keep an open mind to what the options are.


Whoops had to edit my post… when I mentioned he was selected top 20 academic in Football, that was for the State. ( I might not brag on myself but I will brag about my kids at every chance I get …lol)

Yeah he leaning heavily towards Orthopedics at the moment. His main adviser is telling him that he should skip PA school and go into Med school ( which he does not want to do). Hes got two professors whispering in his ear that he should get his Phd and go into research since he seems to have a Knack for it. But any good genes he got like I mentioned must have came from his mama.


By the way im jealous of your home gym set up… Mine is in my garage and I have to share space with my wife’s vehicle.


I would take the opportunity to “shadow “ someone.
PA and MD , sports medicine or otherwise, but do both then make a choice. It’s not time consuming and can be done on a school break. The advisor and school should be able to help coordinate or someone in your community.
Can’t speak much to research PhD. If he is interested in direct patient care, more opportunity in PA and MD.
Don’t let cost determine the direction, although it may seem overwhelming.
Make decisions based on reason not emotion. The information is out there, just needs to be harnessed


Hes shadowed are family Doc before… and yes part of the medical school issue he has is with the cost of attending. Luckily he has everything he needs to qualify for PA school . He has gotten in the required amount of patient contact hours need through working as a CNA this past summer.


Sounds well thought out.:+1:
Good luck to him


Squat Day
Used belt for last set. Felt best of all the sets.
Face pulls 100
Zercher squat 135x3x10 ,push-ups 50
Then spud long strap ab 3x20, this is a new favorite.
I need to cut back on the holiday food. I needed to use a long screw driver to tighten the belt to my usual setting.


Just say your eating for winter hibernation.


Don’t we all, and eggnog season is short.


Bench Press Day
Chins/pull-up 50
DBBP 5x10,Leg Press 5x15,Lat Pulldown 5x10, curls 5x8, stand Ab 5x20
Overheard tricep 2x15
I’m really enjoying my training now. Doing a main strength movement then a circuit that hits a little bit of most things.


50 chins/pull-ups



Thank you.
Not weighted, and spread out over a bunch of sets.
Body weight exercises are a little easier for me to recover from, if I mix them in with barbell, DB and some cable work.