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Eagle78 950 Training Log


Thank you. Training solo for a lot of years. 35+ crowd seems a good place to learn and share some training. At 60 never too old to learn


A thank you to Chris ( Forum Director). For organizing my posts.
Always a big fan of your articles.


Deadlift Day
Safety Squat Bar good morning with bands 5x10
T- bar rows 5x10
Push-ups 50
Abs 3 set.
Interested if anyone else likes SSBGMs. I keep it light , I like using bands or chains for a little more resistance at the top, without the weight at the bottom.
Not a big fan of touch and go DLs , I always lose form and tightness after 2-3 reps. My top set is usually singles.


Press Day
Log bar press
Chin/pull-up between 5x5
BTNP 5x10, cable row 5x10, EZ bar curls 5x6 as a circuit
Abs, triceps, lat. raise couple sets.
Trade off with the log bar, the grip is way better on my shoulders. The bar starts a little forward, I still try to press to straight over head.


Advantage to using log bar? I’m thinking of getting one eventually.


Thank you for asking. I have the multi grip log from Elitefts ( a little pricey, but so are lots of things in life). It’s great on my shoulders for most movements.
Short answer. I like it a lot for press, hammer curls, floor press, and close grip floor and overhead press. Not a fan on rows. I like the neutral grip, but for rows it’s bulky, in my opinion. It wears well, mine is 4 years old , and in great shape.
Longer answer. All the above, I train at home so space is limited. I use the basic “ big” barbell movements. Specialty bars allow me to add variety to the exercises I like without a huge cost or space addition. I train alone so I need the safety of a rack, but at 60 , I don’t complete anymore in anything ( I did track and field in college, some road races and powerlifting competition in the 1980s and again recently for some fund raising competition),
My favorite are 1.Safety Squat bar. 2. Log bar. 3. Fat bar. My least favorite by far is the trap bar. I would sell that in a second if some family members didn’t come over occasionally to train with it.
Good luck with your training, it’s a great investment in yourself.


Squat Day
220+80 lbs chain 10x2
Face pulls 100, push-ups 50, “core” 100
Nothing rugged.
I train 531(weeks are 351). 3 weeks I’ll work towards a top set 3-5. 5 week, I try to use some specialty bars and different supplemental and accessories. 1 week a top set of 3-5. Same supplemental and accessories as 3 week.
I like to work on the top set( 3,1 week), but never have a missed rep, or injury. Only take a deload week, if traveling or vacation , 2-4weeks ayear


The trap bar I got has become my baby. Though it be a pain in the ass if your grip is off.


I’ve tried to get good at the trap bar.
Loading the plates is a pain for me, unloading is worse. After 2-3 45s it’s just work. I have an awesome homemade jack for my straight bar, so that’s not an issue.
I pull conventional, and pull with the bar tight ( my shins are proof). With the trap bar it turns into a ugly barbell hack squat experience. I have a hard time keeping the bar in front of me on the way up. The center of gravity of the bar gets behind me.
It’s a popular bar. My son (27 ) has liked it for years, and obviously many others get great use from it. Sports teams love it.
Loading,unloading and pulling straight make it more work than my straight bar for me.
Any useful information appreciated


I roll the 1st loaded 45 plate onto a 2 1/2. That usually has enough clearance to get the others on/off.


Probably works pretty well.


Yeah…I agree unloading a Trap bar is a pain in the back side and even regular deads without a jack. I ended up buying a Dead wedge for like $15.


This is my “ jack”. A couple pieces of threaded pipe. Works well and simple to make.


Bench press day
Floor press
Pull ups 50
DBBP 5x10, lat Pulldown 5x10, leg presss 5x20,fat bar curls 5x8
Then standing abs 3x20,skull crusher 3x10


Deadlift day
365x5x2 against average bands.1 minute between sets
Push-ups 50, standing low cable row 5x10, SLDL 5x10, as a circuit.
Band pull through 3x15-20


Keep up your good work.

Maybe more photos of your gym?


Lots of photos. Might need to move the photos around. It’s definitely more than I need to train now. Kids have grown and moved on.
I do like having the half rack for bench and a full rack to squat. The wife likes the plate selectorized multi gym, it’s great for a quick session.
I’ve probably put more of my disposable income into the gym than makes sense. I see it as an investment in myself and my health. If I don’t make that happen nobody else will. I think that’s true for many of us.
If you have the opportunity to train at home it’s a great time saver for a busy professional career and family time.
A power rack, adjustable bench, some different bars and DBs , enough plates ( I’ve gone overboard with 30 45s. They were a bargain on Craigslist). The spud inc cable is great. A landline device doesn’t take much room and adds some variety.Some bands and if you like chains, don’t take much space. I believe it will hold value , and for me has been of great enjoyment.
Good luck with a home gym if you go that direction.
My training background influenced my purchases. Football in HS, track and field in college, powerlifting in med school.


The platform for the rack was easy to make at home.
Great for the rack and DL outside the rack.


Making me pine for my old home gym.


Wow! Thanks for sharing!