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Eagle78 950 Training Log


Interesting point.
No knee pain with squats. The day after the elliptical or if I pushed the treadmill I would get knee pain. Surprisingly also with bench from leg drive.
I’m not sure it qualifies as yoga just yet. I have no flow.
I do feel a little better mobility wise and posture.


Deadlift Day
SSBGM 5x10,CSR 5x10,push-ups 5x10
“Core” 75 reps
15 minutes stretch/yoga
All is good. … I think :thinking:
Sometimes that’s when the shoe drops with a crash.


You’re just trying to deflect from that 405x6x1 deadlifting post.


Walk 2 miles
Stretch/ yoga 25 minutes
Fantasy baseball draft tonight.


BTN Press Day
Cable row 5x10, EZ curl 5x6, pull through 5x10
Tri 2x20, rear delts 2x25
Stretch/yoga 15 minutes


2 mile walk
15 minutes yoga/stretch


Nice mix of lifting, walking and yoga. Someday I’ll smarten up and organize my works more like that.


Thank you.
Your log has plenty of strength and solid training.
The yoga has been a fun addition. It’s really just some stretching at the skill level I currently have. It took a little YouTube searching to find 1.Yoga for men 2.Yoga for men with some a little age on them ( but not nursing home). 3. Beginners level.
Basically I try to lift every other day, and a little conditioning on the other days. A day off when work, life gets in the way. Try and avoid injury and have fun.
Happy to pass the Yoga YouTube link if you have any interest.
Pleasantly entertaining.


Face pulls 100
FSL 3x5, push-ups 30, straight arm lat pull down 50
Yoga “ core” 15 minutes. Need a little more practice.


20 minutes walk
40 minutes yoga.
Still suffering through beginners work. Definitely not ready to progress. For me it’s not like body weight exercises or stretching, the transition from one movement to the next is difficult to do smoothly.
My plan is to give it 3-6 months then evaluate the benefit. So far I like it. I liked stretching and warm ups in practice in my youth.


Please do share. I’d like to try it out.


Sean Vigue fitness. It’s on YouTube.
Most of the beginners videos are 10-20 minutes. He has some
“ core” work that is a little shorter , but I found very difficult. The longer ones are a little more advanced than my current level.
The “ Yoga for Sports “ weightlifter is pretty doable. It’s about 12-15 minutes. It’s not olympic lifts, but for folks who train with weights.
I just finished the 7day beginners challenge. I would recommend that as well. I could do about 90% of it. Transition into the next move smoothly is my current major downside.
I find him pretty enjoyable to watch. If you give it a try , let me know what you think.


I watched Sean Vigue’s yoga for weightlifters et al. I’ll try it. My wife, a yoga girl, will be vindicated.

Can you do the eagle?


Eagle -yes!
Just graduated to a decent downward dog.
Warrior still needs some work
Not even close on pigeon


The beginner 7 day challenge is pretty good. Not so easy.
I’m going to repeat it then see where I’m at.
I would be interested in your experience if you decide to give it a go.


I might try the beginner challenge since I cannot do the “eagle”; likely because of my “big” chest. Ha!

Wife tells me I’m about as limber as a thick board.


Give it a try.
Maybe try day 1 for 2 days then day 2 for 2 days and slowly progress.
He has a couple of beginners offerings that are a good starting place.
I feel a little smoother moving around.
It’s lke any new activity takes sometime to get going, so patience is important. If your wife likes yoga that will be a big help with some modifications that might be needed.
Good luck


You’re telling yoga’s the answer to a 405+ deadlift.


Makes reaching the bar a little easier.


Bench Press Day
Pull ups 50
Incline BP 5x8, curls 5x8,oblique 5x20,knee extensions 5x15
Triceps 50
15 minutes “Coach Vigue “ yoga for weightlifter.
Going to either repeat the 7 day beginners challenge or try the restorative challenge next.
Easy enough, feeling pretty good today.