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Eagle Loops


I recentally came across a pair of these, and have been using them for pull-ups, rows(didn't work all that well)and rack pull holds. My question is what other movements can I use them for besides these and farmers walks?


Never heard of them, got a link to show what they look like?




you can use them on just about any pulling movement. Be careful not to put you fingers in to far, I crushed a nerve in my finger doing weighted pull-ups with just 2 fingers and my finger stayed numb on one side for about 5 months. They are a neat gadget and will help improve your finger strength.


Dam I hate to be the voice of sanity around here. But, I don't like "eagle loops." They place an undue stress on your fingers and tiny tendons.

Certainly use them if you want. But if you are attempting to increase your hand strength there are other ways that are just as good and don't put such a tremendous amount of stress on areas that are just not made for that.

Good Luck.