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Eager for the New Biotest Stuff


Yes, I know that I should be patient. Yes, I know that working hard in the gym with the current product line up is more than enough....but...ever since reading Chris Shugart's "behind the scenes" post, I have been checking the store site multiple times a day.


From the article....
"The graphics department is working on label art for new supplements. Tim Patterson has explained two of these to me. One is something that's never been seen before, a potential game-changer in its category. The other is an improvement on an existing supplement, a revamping that will send the old favorite into overdrive."

Tim explained two of the new ones to Chris --- as in many more to come? Maybe? Perhaps?

I am holding off placing an order, because I know the very moment I do -- the new stuff will be released. Come on guys, you're killing me! :slightly_smiling:

I personally believed that the revamped supplement is TRIBEX. This is based on "hints" from articles by Tim Z and TC. I'd be curious to know what others think.


Personally, I'm holding out for a nootropic of sorts. But yeah, I'm in the same boat as far as waiting to drop on my first order. First Anaconda, then MAG-10, then Pulse Fast/Feast, every time I was about to buy something, Biotest goes and makes it obsolete. Well... not quite obsolete, but its understandable wanting to wait for the new stuff. Now if only they could make it cheaper... Dare to dream, I suppose.


Take one for the team and place a small order; there's free shipping. If you live in the US, there's no reason to (aside from the [very] occasional sale) to purchase Biotest products in huge quantities.


yeah i am very interested in hearing about these new products. I just love reading about them, so Biotest give us some more info on them! Please


It seems like we're over due for something new, doesn't it? Always excited to hear about new Biotest stuff.


This thread makes me miss Metabolic Drive Complete. At 22$ per tub there was not a better deal on the planet.


My guesses are that Power Drive is getting an upgrade/reformulation and the new product will be/have some proprietary form of DAA. Or Alpha Male is getting reformulated to include some form of DAA. Can't wait to see!


My guess is Surge recovery is going from hydro whey to CH= MAG-10


There are at least two major research projects that are things no one (I think) would guess.


Also another one which is in the realm of being potentially-guessable, but still not-at-all obvious and outside the realm of simply being able (at any remotely feasible cost) to purchase an existing ingredient and using it.


Brothers, thanks to Bill Roberts, curiosity is beyond peaked! :slight_smile:


Wish I wouldn't have found this thread, because Bill has me excited! I would have rather just had a nice surprise article lol.


well if Anaconda was any indication, we shouldn't bother getting excited for several years.


I'm waiting on Biotest hats. The added psychological training effect would be huge :slight_smile:




I would definitely snatch up a black fitted hat, with the red "T" logo on the front, and "T-MUSCLE" or "T-Nation" on the back. YA KNOW????? hint hint


Well alrighty then, that leaves us with only ONE major research project that is unguessable.

I'd never have thought you'd have guessed the hat.



There is no way to do anything but agree that that is a fair-enough point.

But I don't see such delay as being at all likely on any of these three, let alone all of them. They are not "next week" things, but they're not "years-off" things either.


maybe something like this (well, better than this, it was just a 5 second mspaint adventure, but you get the drift)


what?!?! a T Nation hat? I've been saying T-Nation hats and beanies would be good products for a long time!


I'm really hoping for a "real tree" T Nation hat.... ballerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!