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EAAs + BCAAs: Stack or Not?

Hi, everyone I am a BCAA kind of guy but I just ordered EAAs to try it out and I was wondering how and if I should stack it with my BCAAs. So I was thinking of taking EAAs upon waking up, before bed and post workout with my BCAAs. 30-60 minutes pre-workout I am having egg whites or chicken with rice therefor adding EAAs as pre-workout is a waste, I think. Which is your opinion on the matter?

Combine the BCAA’s with EAA’s in you’re pre or intra workout shake, the body can more efficiently utilise BCAA’s when combined with EAA’s

I don’t know what that means.

Why would you stack separate EAA and BCAA supps instead of getting a good protein powder?

Your digestion may be different and you didn’t mention portion sizes, but having chicken and rice a half-hour before training, it’s still going to be getting broken down during the workout, which isn’t ideal. Give solid foods more time to digest, like an hour or more.

I’d go with this general approach to timing workout nutrition. The right aminos/protein during training definitely aren’t a waste if they’re fast-absorbing and, ideally, paired with fast carbs.

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what I mean by that is that I always prefer BCAAs from EAAs.

I am already taking an isolate protein powder with 88% purity and the reason for stacking both EAAs and BCAAs is that the EAAs are not having enough BCAA on their own.

My portions are 10 egg whites or 150grams of chicken with 120gr of rice and 1tsp olive oil and most of the times I will hit the gym after 50-60 min. but there are times that I go earlier than that because I have to go to college.

So if I can understand correctly you are suggesting BCAAs intra workout and EAAs (which are hydro and pre-digestive) pre and post?

So after my pre workout meal to take immediately the aminos?

Using protein powder and an EAA supplement and a BCAA supplement is redundant and unnecessary.

Not really. I’d rather have fast-acting protein (casein hydrolysate) with carbs immediately before and during. Or at least during, if your solid pre-workout meal is timed too close to the workout. If you’re not having the protein, do both aminos and prioritize pre-training and intra-workout.

What is the leucine content of your BCAA and EAA suppliments?

BCAAs are PROBABLY not special except for their leucine content.

EAAs have BCAAs so if I had to chose between free form BCAAs and EAAs, I would take EAAs if they had a high enough leucine content BUT

Free form amino acids are not absorbed as well as di- and tri-peptides, or even generally casien and whey hydrolysate (with a variety of polypeptide sizes).

Ideally you would get leucine and EAAs in di- and tri-peptide form, with around 5 grams of leucine per serving.

if my calculations are right each dose of EAA has 0.6924grams of leucine and my BCAAs has 1gram of leucine per scoop

Sounds good I will give it a try. Thanks

IMO you would want to get at least 5 servings to get enough leucine from that EAA supp around training. It is important to get EAAs throughout the day, but there is really no advantage in this supplement over whole food except that it is zero carb and fat (if that is important).

Your BCAA might be higher in leucine.

Biotest has a BCAA structured peptide supplement that has 1.175 grams of leucine per 5 gram scoop which is 30 times the ratio as your suppliment and also contains all EAAs plus they are in di- and tri-peptide form which is more easily absorbed than free form amino acids. I use it if I want to add protein to a lower protein meal, or if I want a carb free source of BCAAs around training which I will do from time to time. I typically take 6 scoops though, or I will use Mag-10 if I want a little carbs plus electrolytes. Mag-10 also gets about 5 grams of leucine per 20 grams of protein which is enough to signal protein synthesis.

The label you posted contains essential and non-essential amino acids. It is basically hydrolyzed whey with a fairly low leucine content. Biotest BCAA structured peptides are hydrolyzed whey with a high leucine and total bcaa content. What you are showing is hydrolyzed whey and it is pretty laughable that 3 x 2 gram tablets is considered a serving. Since it is hydrolyzed, it is probably not “free form” amino acids, nor is it predominantly di- and tri-peptides, but rather “partially digested” so a serving is like getting partially digested protein from about 3/4 cup of milk.

What if I double up the doses? My plan is 3 tablets in the morning 3 15min pre-workout and postworkout with BCAAs with at least 3grams of leucine. Additionally, to drink BCAAs throughout the day.

So stacking up both EAAs and BCAAs to achieve the maximum?

I will probably try it out after I finish what I already have.