E3D to Weekly Log

This sounds like the premise for gay porn, LOL. Sorry man, I felt compelled to say it.

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You mentioned somewhere that you only see libido on a weekly protocol.

Why do you think this is?

I wouldn’t say “Only”, but it is markedly better on once a week. I have no explanation at this time for it, but I am considering lowering my dose a little - especially if I try twice a week injections again.

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Little premature update: Usually i have decent nighttime wood on TRT. But with the current 150mg once a week they’re great.

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Nice man.
I started 1x a week too was doing fine. But then read these forums and basically got brain washed. I do 2x a week. Never did more frequent.

I seem to feel it more i guess. I never felt the fluctuation into the trough like most speak of that requires more frequent shots.

Just checking in. Just over 3 weeks now on 150mg once per week.

Starting to feel maybe that happiness that’s supposed to come w trt. I find myself dancing to songs on the radio more. Something I never do. Like maybe just a little uptick in happiness?

Libido is still pretty much missing, although there have been spurts.

My plan is to run this a full 8 weeks and reassess. Either going up to 200mg a week or not.

I don’t know if you stated this in a other post, but have you ever checked your prolactin levels?

I can tell you from personal experience that since starting TRT almost 3 years ago, prolactin kept raising and raising, till reaching the 60s now.
It has been unrelated to E2 levels.

The higher the prolactin, the lower my libido was.

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I checked prolactin prior to trt and it was very low. I think I also checked after starting and it raised up.

It’s actually something I should recheck.

Before I started TRT, it was 18.
I checked it 2 weeks ago and it reached 57.5.
It basically annihilated my libido with time.
I still need to do a pituitary MRI to see if I have a tumour.

It would be wise to check it just to rule it out.

So I’ve been at 150mg for about a month. Not feeling much. Good or
Bad. Maybe a little happier?

@highpull I may increase to 200mg once a week. You think this is too big a jump? Or would 175mg be more appropriate?

I’m thinking 200
Is fine. I have no bloods as they would have to go thru drs office. And they’d be way too high for his liking.

I would see if you can order labs yourself.

Make sure you wait until the 8 week mark as well.

I think 200mg is fine. I would keep your doctor informed and make sure he is ok with the increase. Personally, I’m fine with guys trying to fine tune things or simply experiment, as long as it isn’t anything crazy and they let me know beforehand. They can’t request a refill five weeks early after doubling the dose. That’s just an example, and has not happened.

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I guess in ny you can’t for some reason. S

Oh shit you’re in NY too? In NYC or bumble fuck? Lol

Bumble fuck. Not nyc.

@highpull thanks for the advice.

The fact I don’t feel much either good or bad from the 150mg per week leads me to think I just need MORE to feel something.

There seems to be some that just don’t seem to “feel” TRT… just wonder if they’re taking enough, even though their labs say theyre within range.

A lot of guys come in with total testosterone levels in the 300-500 range. They feel like crap, but the labs say they’re in range.

Checking in.

Today was week 5 and I upped to 200mg from 150mg.

Keep us posted