E3D to Weekly Log

Figured I’d document here. Nothing seems to work for libido. I’ve tried just about all protocols and nothing ever hit on libido except that of a larger dose less frequently… that being 300mg every other week.

SO, i’m trying a run at 150mg per week once. I’m coming from about 90mg total, E3D (45mg per shot)

I took my first 150mg thursday and definitely notice a slight libido all weekend. I’m guessing the larger shot, mixed with the test already floating around.

Something about the larger spike may be what i need.

I’ll try to post weekly with results… but so far the first couple days were decent. I am doing this ONLY really to feel libido. And i likely won’t be getting a ton of blood work as my Dr. doesn’t know the way I’m running things and do-it-yourself bloodwork isn’t available easily in my State.

Stay tuned and wish me luck!

How many days after the 300 shot was your libido good for?

Good question. Back then i didn’t keep a log of good days/bad days etc. I just remember on some days having decent libido and really good sensitivity.

I wonder if 150 is going to get you where you need to be.

I thought about that too. I’ll let it ride the standard time, then reassess. I could go to 200/week.

At these dosages though, my numbers are pretty high. On 50mg E3D, at trough i was in the 800s.

But where is your FT?

On 50mg E3D, FT was 178pg/ml (35-155), so it was high. I didn’t feel any libido then.

It’s like that high peak with a large dose that gets it it seems.

Might have to try ED dosing to stay up there.


I think he did, and got exactly the opposite of what he was looking for.

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Daily dosing produced the worst symptoms. I tried differing amounts too. E2 went sky high and it wasn’t pleasant.

I tried 8mg per day and went up to 30mg per day Neither worked.

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Very peculiar. When you say your E2 went sky high did it stay that way for the 8 weeks? Assuming you went that long. Was it lab-tested high E2 or just by feeling? What was your E2 and test levels from that blood work. Wondering if your ratios were way off.

Apologies if you have another log Im not caught up on.

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I tested after 6 weeks.

I stand corrected with my memory (i’m looking at my numbers) in that on the lower dose (16mg/day) E2 was lower. So i may not have been E2 causing the lack of libido.

On 16mg daily: 766 TT (250-1100), FT 135 (35-155), E2 20 (<29). On this very protocol, i knew it was too low, as i felt emotionally flat. So i tried a few different levels 20mg, 25mg, 30mg. Nothing hit libido.

Regardless, dailies didn’t produce libido for me. The last i tried was at the higher range of 30mg daily for 6 weeks. Felt awful. And zero libido. i didn’t get bloods at this level as my Dr. would’ve yanked my script with high levels.

I don’t know…I feel like i need greater distance between shots almost in order to get a higher spike.

Just thoughts I have.

I wonder if after so many weeks on weekly you will also reach stabilization and possible lose the libido.

Maybe stagger 1 week 150 next 200 then 150… Just ideas

You may not be waiting long enough.

We also say 6 weeks for blood to levels to stabilize but its not a set in stone rule. It’s not like 6 weeks and if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.

8 weeks at least and 12 weeks to get a good feel. Some people i’ve read didn’t reach any progress until the end of week 12.

For somebodies like us who are struggling and don’t necessarily get much libido during dose changes or leading up to week 6, it may be necessary to wait longer and see how our bodies progress.

Maybe. I think since the dose is just weekly, there will be a ton of fluctuation.

I actually went more like 8 weeks. I just didn’t work.

I don’t know. the past few days since my 150mg shot, i’ve had slight libido. Like more urge to masterbate.

I’m wondering if its just bc of the other test i still have circulating (from my prior protocol). SO, i may need to increase to 200mg if this doesn’t work. Time will tell.

i think it’s the test circulating. Whenever i change there’s always a tad boost and then i drop off into needing my hormones to adjust.

Looking forward to the progress, let’s hope by 8 weeks some progress is made.

And remember cream is always an option. Some people benefit from cream where they lacked in injections.

It’s certainly on my list should everything get exhausted from my end.

I’d love cream but can’t get it from my dr.

You could always go with a TRT clinic.

You may also want to flirt with the idea of trying nandrolone too once other options have been exhausted.